• …and the pulling up continues

    10 today…  We have about 75 CFers participating in this challenge!!  Way to freakin’ go!  Missed days are really starting to add up now, so try to stay on top of your numbers.  Today marks 55 pull-ups total, and next week we’ll hit the 100 and 200 mark within a 6-day span!

    Updates today:

    Kids’ class today at 4:15 with Maddie!  Come on over and get a workout in with your kids :)

    Reminder: Saturday 7 AM Class is ongoing!

    Free Intro class this Saturday at 9:45.  Tell your friends.

    PFT on Sunday!  More details to come tomorrow.


    Weekend instructors:
    FNL: Gretchen
    Sunday 8 AM: Matt / Chris (CF / PFT Combo)
    Sunday 1 PM: Van / Chris (PFT Combo)


  • Why is the ‘Corps’ in Corps Fitness pronounced ‘Core’?

    4 pull-ups today!

    [kawr, kohr] 

    noun, plural corps [kawrz, kohrz]

    a. a military organization consisting of officers and enlistedpersonnel or of officers alone: the U.S. Marine Corps; corps ofcadets.
    b. a military unit of ground combat forces consisting of two ormore divisions and other troops.

    2. a group of persons associated or acting together: the diplomaticcorps; the press corps.
    3. Printing. a Continental designation that, preceded by a number,indicates size of type in Didot points of 0.0148 inches (3.8 mm):14 corps.
    4. Obsolete, corpse.
    1225–75; Middle English corps, cors  < Middle French  < Latin corpus body; see corpse
    Can be confused: corecorp, corps, corpsecorpus.
    2. team, force, crew, band.
  • **April Updates

    CF Kids’ class the Second and Fourth Thursdays of the month (4/10 and 4/24) 4:15-5 PM!

    Saturday 7 AM classes CONTINUE through April!  Keep up the strong attendance!

    3 pull-ups today!  6 so far this month.  Both challenge boards are full (!), so another will be posted shortly.  Until it’s posted, keep track of your status on the whiteboard.
    Make this challenge your own!  You can do ANY type of pull-up (dead-hang, kip, assisted, etc), just so long as it’s challenging to you.  As always, encourage your fellow CFers to participate and push themselves; there is no “I can’t…” at CF!

    FREE intro class next Saturday, 4/12, at 9:45 AM

    Sunday 4/13, join CF for a Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT).  This test consists of running and strength exercises.  Come out and see how you measure up against our nation’s finest.

    Weekend instructors:
    FNL - John
    Sunday 8 AM - Gretchen
    Sunday 1 PM - John



  • Brainstorming

    Some of the CF and FitU trainers in action outside the workout space: planning brainstorming future challenges!

    The littlest Kaag “training” while brainstorming ways to escape…

    2 pull-ups today!

  • …Out like a lamb!

    What a great month it’s been…  boots and utes went strong all month, the weather “improved,” and CFers are ready for the next challenge!

    The board is up! Sign up and get started on the April pull-up challenge!!

  • St Patty’s Day!

    What a crew in both classes on Sunday!  Take note: Riverdance should call CF if they ever need subs.

  • Shout Out to CFers in Action: Boots and Utes

    Everyone is encouraged (but not required) to wear “boots and utes” during the month of March.  Thank you to all who have been participating!  What are your thoughts on this challenge?


  • Huge Saturday!!

    2 giant classes, Marines in training, Inov8 and coffee made for a great day!!

  • Weekly Photo Recap

  • Updates and Reminders

    Kids’ Class Today: 4:15-5 PM with Ms. Maddie!.  All ages welcome, parents are requested to work out with young kids (5 and under).  Cost is $10 per child, $5 per additional child from the same family.  Classes will run twice a month (2nd and 4th Thursday), and could become weekly if we have strong enough interest.

    Another big weekend coming up!!

    • 3/15: 7 AM demo class continues through the end of March.
    • 3/15: An Inov8 representative and A Running Start are visiting CF.  CFers may try out shoes during 8:30 AM class.  Be there by 8 AM to get fitted if you’re interested.  Get sized, try the shoes, and get a discount if you make a purchase.  CFers save 15% that day and 10% on future  purchases at ARS.
    • 3/15: Marine Corps poolees testing at 9AM and working out with Chris at 10:30AM
    • 3/15: After the 8:30 workout, stick around and try out some Benchwarmers coffee.  Benchwarmers is a local coffee vendor who sets up a stand every Sunday during the West Reading farmers’ market.
    • 3/16 8 AM and 1 PM Pot ‘O Gold workouts with G.  If you’d like, bring a dish to share after the workouts!

    Later this month:

    • 3/23: 8 AM class moved to 9:15AM, will be held on the FitU side

    Unlimited member open gym times: Take advantage!

    • M-F 630am-9am
    • 630pm-730pm
    • T, Th, Fri 11am – 1pm
    • Sat 930am-11am


    Weekend instructors:

    • Friday 5:30PM: Brian F
    • *Saturday 7AM: Matt
    • Sunday 8AM: Gretchen
    • Sunday 1PM: Gretchen