April 10, 2014

…and the pulling up continues

10 today…  We have about 75 CFers participating in this challenge!!  Way to freakin’ go!  Missed days are really starting to add up now, so try to stay on top of your numbers.  Today marks 55 pull-ups total, and next week we’ll hit the 100 and 200 mark within a 6-day span!

Updates today:

Kids’ class today at 4:15 with Maddie!  Come on over and get a workout in with your kids 🙂

Reminder: Saturday 7 AM Class is ongoing!

Free Intro class this Saturday at 9:45.  Tell your friends.

PFT on Sunday!  More details to come tomorrow.


Weekend instructors:
FNL: Gretchen
Sunday 8 AM: Matt / Chris (CF / PFT Combo)
Sunday 1 PM: Van / Chris (PFT Combo)


  • Karen Owens April 10, 2014 Reply

    Owens’ girls are gonna miss kids class tonight! I’ll be sure to make them do a few squats tonight. 😉

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