An appropriate WOD for such a fine officer and human being. Thanks to Tricia Wertz for sending off the 1030am class! Many folks doing something special today…fallen not forgotten. (Did you think you’d get out of HW without torn up hands?)

1 mile
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1 mile

Tomorrow: Josh Miller (9, 10, 11am). 11am if you are completing all 7.

Also, if you plan to come at 9 or 10…maybe get a few folks together, this one’s not fun alone.

Officer Scott Wertz, 40, was shot and killed August 6, 2006 responding to a fight at a local convenience store. The suspect fled and after a short chase, the man fired two shots, fatally striking Officer Wertz in the chest.

“Throughout his life, Officer Wertz exemplified what service and heroism are all about. He excelled in his profession. He lived life with zest and charisma. His service made a difference in his community. He touched many people’s lives in many ways.” (Officer Scott Wertz Memorial Ride website)

Modified CF “Michael” Hero WOD to honor Michael Wise. Excellent speaker from the FOP giving background about the great guy and professional officer he was…and why remembering him is important! This was a particularly intense day from everybody…lots of hard running and big pulls! Well done!
800m(move heavy wt 100m every rd)
32 Good Mornings

Tomorrow: Tricia Wertz at 1030am class.

Officer Wise died, June 5 2004, of wounds he received, when he was accidentally shot by another officer who mistook him and two other undercover officers for suspects during a shootout.

Read the Reflections from the ODMP.ORG Memorial page for Michael Wise, and to ensure the mission of the Michael Wise Foundation “that his name and sacrifice are remembered by all.”

Modify CF “Rankel” Hero WOD for Patrolman Kotecki. Excellent tribute to that brave law enforcement officer who was tragically killed.
10 Burpees
12 Lsitups
11 OH Swing (24-28kg/16-20kg)

Hero Week aficionados know Thursday(Helton, McGhee, The Barbarian)…this one did not disappoint…just a full-on test of physical and mental fitness. That is no joke to get yourself back in it…no rounds to transition, no  runs to rest on, no equipment to fiddle with…just 20 minutes with HR up your throat; you all did a marvelous job in that…keepin’ yourself in it! Kotecki was described as a competent professional, a policeman’s policeman…your efforts today honored that spirit!

K-9 Patrolman Derek Kotecki was shot and killed on October 12, 2011. Kotecki and his canine Odin responded to a call that a man wanted for attempted homicide would be at the Dairy Queen. The man was hiding in a jeep and shot Kotecki as he and Odin exited the police cruiser.

“He was a great human being and a great family man who had a heart as big as he was.”

“He went down there to face that evil person knowing what the threats were. It takes a true hero to put his life on the line like that to protect the community.”

“Remember, it is not how he died that made him a hero, it was how he lived.” 


Outstanding remembrance of Trooper Richey. Every class made it happen; many, many special efforts.

Capt. Schau addresses the 430 & 530p classes. Troopers from Allentown in attendance. And, of course, the CF LEOs were there for the beat down.

And, alot of DNA left at the scene.

6 rds (modified “Collin” CF Hero WOD)
12 Push Press
12 Goblet Squat
12 Box Jump
400m Wtd Run


Trooper Paul Richey, 40, was shot and killed January 13, 2010 when he and another trooper responded to a domestic disturbance call. Both troopers arrived at the scene and exited their vehicles. As they approached the house, a male voice called from a window for the Troopers to return to their cars. At that point Trooper Richey was hit in the neck with a .30-30 rifle round fired from the window of the residence. He is survived by his wife and two children.

“When you give a eulogy, you’re supposed say good things. In this case, that’s easy because Paul symbolized all that was good in life.”
“He was never one to step away. He’d step forward.”
“Paul did not have to go on that call. … It was not his zone. … It was not his call. Paul gave his life fulfilling the core of his calling. … Trooper Paul Richey upheld the honor of the force.”

Trooper Richey’s Capt. will be a guest at the 530pm class.

Modified the CF “Paul” Hero WOD to honor Officer Lasso. Humbling to learn about both officers (that they share similarly disturbing end of watches). Honored to remember them. Your efforts today were worthy, I believe.  That is a tough, tough WOD, in fact, it sucks and it hurts. And there were some tough, tough performances equal to that task and beyond…you all remembered them well!

Notice: The Sheriffs on Monday started us off right with guest speakers! That will continue through the week. We’ve lined up some guests who knew the daily Honoree. Coming up Wed night at 530p, Friday 930am, Saturday 930/1030am, Sunday 11am…try to attend these classes, or the class prior and stay a few minutes to hear these folks. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for supporting Hero Week! (Please don’t forget to drop a donation in the bucket…or give it to someone at the desk!)

40 Double Unders
30 KTE (T2B if able)
20 Pushups
100m Waiter’s Walk (24-28kg/12-16kg)

*Way to be tough JA! Wtd KTEs!
**It seems each HW, I “favorite” a new WOD…this might be it. Dag did that one hurt! If it can drive DingDong to have a conversation with his jump rope (“briggin’ frazel rakka…”)..well…
***Lots of people throwin’ hats in the ring for HW awards….eh, EE?!

Police Officer Robert Lasso was shot and killed August 11, 2011 while responding to a disturbance call. During the call he was shot with a shotgun in the face without warning.

Officer Lasso is described as great father, with an infectious smile.

“He was never afraid to get involved” and “He put his heart out, not his hand out” are other descriptions.

 “Protect and serve. Not just words. They truly represent the life of Robert Lasso. His children are going to grow up knowing their daddy was a hero.”

image credit: Freemansburg PD