“When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always get worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better.” –Malcolm S Forbes

Wtd SU, Lunge, 6ct, TnnlRow, XoverAb, StepPU, BnnyHop, Jack Webbs, SLSqu, DynV, OH SWING.
Cardio: Tabata Spin, Jingle/Jangle, GoblSquat

Sickness goes Viral on the Final Day…thanks for participating!

1) Sickness runs through Sunday.  
2) Friday Night Lights: Open Gym CrossFit WOD, 5-6:30pm, while folks do “Sickness.” Gym closes at 630, so plan to be done with the WOD  by then.
3) Saturday 945AM, Introductory Class (now permanently on schedule).
4) Sunday Special, 8AM

Everyone doing Sickness write a note to baby Pags (I suggest writing it BEFORE the WOD), we’ll send them to Alecia.

Excellent work on the OH Squat. The bottom of that squat is rock solid…from this angle the weight might be back a bit far (showing us his flexible shoulders). Drawing a vertical line from the bar it should drop through his thigh to his midfoot. Otherwise, heels, knees back/track toes, hips back, chest/head up…very nice!

The skills work after Cindy was an important message…that will be the most important part of your conditioning program.

Realistically, of what use is the Intensity and crashing around, if it’s not even proper and virtuous? Conversely, without Virtuosity can there even be Intensity?

At home, or the few minutes before class, grab a few minutes of a skill…it’ll make all the difference.