SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Corps Fitness is looking for a few good men and women to represent Corps Fitness!
On November 4th, CrossFit Proven is hosting the Ghouls and Gals Partner Throwdown, and Corps Fitness is looking to sponsor 2 male/female teams (this is a $150/team value!)
Beginning Monday 9/25, submit your male/female team combo. You must put together your own team (we will not pair you), and you both must decide in which division you will compete.
Deadline for submissions is 9/29. We will then do a RANDOM drawing for the 2 teams on Sat. 9/30.
Please verify that you both are absolutely able to commit to the competition date before entering!
For more information about the event, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298338887306428/
Other rules:
You MUST represent Corps Fitness by wearing your own Corps Fitness gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts and whatever else you may own) and overall be an ambassador for Corps Fitness.
Additionally, you must agree to post pictures on social media and hashtag Corps Fitness.
Any other questions, please contact [email protected]


Yet another fantastic business sponsor showing their support for the Call To Action Challenge!
We’d like to send a huge thank you to Classic Harley-Davidson for their sponsorship of our event. They are directly sponsoring all the awesome hoodies each competitor will be receiving! How bout those goodies!? #notyourstandardtshirt #bestswagever
It’s businesses such as #missionbbq #riverfrontfederalcreditunion and #classicharleydavidson that make the difference! Thank you to them all!!!


Tuesday: Clean Complex 5 Rounds progressing weights at least 10LB each round.
1 Power clean
1 Hang clean
1 Power squat clean
1 Hang squat clean

Wednesday: Overhead Squat 5 sets of 3 reps
Focus on: locking out elbows, shoulders shrugged to ears and armpits facing out, knees out on squat and push up through heels

Thursday: Bench Press
Work to 2 rep max



Tuesday: Bench Press / DB Row Super Set
- 10 each @ 50% 1RM
- 3 sets of 5 each @ 80%1RM
- 1 Max set of each @ 80% 1RM
Go immediately from Bench to DB Row within each set
2 minutes rest between sets after completing rows
Rows: R/L = 1

Thursday: Front Squats
5 rounds x 3 reps each working
Warm up using empty bar, work to working weight before counting sets / reps
Focus on: Tall chest and elbows high, Squat into the hole, increasing weight each time (if possible)


Tuesday strength / skill: Clean and Jerk
Option A: Work on form, pull under bar, lock arms out on second dip, use strong legs to stand up
Option B: Work up to 1 rep max

Thursday strength: Deadlift
5-5-3-2-1 Working to 1 RM or at least increasing load each set
Feet under shoulders, hips and shoulders rise together until bar over knees, then extend hips forward and stand tall


Yesterday we saw a “cyclocross” time trial set up the starting lineup for the 2017 CrossFit Games.  Today the Games begin!!  Can’t wait to see what the athletes and event designers have in store!!

Any thoughts out there on CrossFit including obstacle course and mountain biking in the games / programming?  Are you staging your revolt or do you think it’s good for the sport?  Which sport?  Why?  Is this CrossFit’s way of “sticking it” to those who say CrossFit-ers can’t do other things like OCR and mtn bike?

My personal opinion (open to persuasion): CrossFit makes you better at those other sports, and it’s a good idea to do things other than / outside of CrossFit.  CrossFit does not consist of or include mountain biking and OC racing, etc.  Just my humble opinion.  Persuade me.


Angel Rosa, 21, of South Portland, Maine; assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, died March 13, 2007 from wound received while conducting combat operations in al Anbar province, Iraq.


Angel is remembered as an outstanding athlete as well as a dedicated leader and dear friend. He was never afraid to challenge himself, to push himself beyond his limits, at whatever he chose to do.


His Aunt recalls that “a lot of things came easy to him. But he was never a braggart. He was as humble a young man as you will ever meet.” She further says, “Angel will be remembered as a man who touched everyone’s lives, a man who inspired us to be better all around…”



US Marine Corps Sergeant Mark T. Smykowski, 23, of Mentor, OH was killed on June 6, 2006 while conducting combat operations in al Anbar province, Iraq.


He was part of a group from his high school, all of whom enlisted in the Marine Corps together, known as the Mentor Seven. Their relationship was much deeper than simple friendship….it was BROTHERHOOD.


Smykowski chose to become a reconnaissance man, one of the most difficult jobs in the military service. Among other things, recon involves scout swimming; small-boat operations; close combat skills; helicopter and submarine insertion and extraction techniques; and assault climbing.


“His heart was huge” says one of his fellow Mentor Seven. “He was an example of what a young person should be as far as appreciation of freedom and all that it stands for.”


After his funeral, young men approached Smykowski’s mother and asked if they could do anything for her. “Yes”, she said. “Live like there’s no tomorrow. Make your mother proud. So if something happened tomorrow, you’ll have no regrets.” That’s how her son lived.


Thanks to ALL who took part in Summer 2017 Hero Week honoring fallen Marines and our Corps Fitness foundations.


Many went for all 7 days….congrats to all of YOU!


Big props to Ryan McLin who was our inaugural recipient of the Kyle Pagerly CF Spirit award.  Not only did he do all 7 days, but he did them with integrity, all while motivating others around him with his 110% work ethic and motivating words!


And as a wrap, below is the link to the recap video posted on youtube!  Thanks all!



FINAL REMINDER: Tomorrow’s Finale Day Hero Week workout begins at 9:00AM at Happy Hollow Playground! 1100 Wayne Avenue, Wyomissing.
Don’t forget to stay after the workout for the After-Party. There were a few (very few) extra Mission BBQ meal tickets ordered. First come, first served for those!
See you tomorrow!