Correct…Green Tea. Delicious, no cals…and it might help you shed the fat and be on your way to packing on lean, useful muscle.

The basics:
a) it kick starts your metabolism (thermogenesis) so you burn it up.
b) more importantly and interesting, the catchin polyphenol, Epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG), appears to inhibit the storage of glucose (carb) in fat cells (possibly through inhibiting the insulin spike after eating which plumps up the fat cells…that’s said in plain words…if you want a complex technical Abstract click here).
c) plus a host of other benefits! Look into it…it just may be what you’ve been missing. (of course, consult a professional on such matters pertaining to diet).

Other description at Livestrong.
See review of findings here.



Skills: Rack, Presses, Windmill
Rounds: Gladiator Press, Plank, SDHP, Lunge, Swing, Step Over, True Pull Snatch, KTE
Skills: Snatch

Side A: Slam Ball, Crabwalk/Pike, B&T Jump, Iron Cross, Dips, AC Press
Side B: Double Pulls, OH Swing, MB Mtn Climb, JJ2BT, Combo Crunch, Wtd Alt Lunge

(F/BW Bear Crawl Transitions)
Always good to see ML!

B&T Tuck Jump, DB Swing, Crunch/Crossover, Bicycle Crunch, Lumberjack, StarJump/JJ, Step Over, LeapFrog, B&T/Squat Jump, Leg Raise, Dot Drill/HighKnee, Thrusts/MtnClimb

End: Jack Webbs

(did you know you can click the thumbnail for the full image?)

1) Soft-style KB swing, that is. Here’s a very good description at Art of Strength. Notice the description…efficiency, less tension! (all the KB vids at Minute of Strength are excellent)

Then some CFers with efforts after the softer-style. Soft swing

It forces excellent foot/ground contact for initiating power. Reduced leg flexion (not a deep knee) and big hip flexion (the hips recede to absorb the bell which creates the power). Bringing power from the backside, not a squat and raise. That in CrossFit lingo would be “muted hips” where the hips lag behind the leg causing the hips and bell to work against each other (ie, not swinging). This can be applied to regular Russian, H2H, or OH swings…and technically, the soft biomechanics can be applied to any number of exercises! It takes practice, messing around with different positions to see what works or not, and a commitment to generating as much power as possible. Think of swinging less as an exercise to get a certain number of reps and more as the quest for the perfect rep…

2) Sunday Special, Jan 30, 9am: KB form & Regular CF workout

3) Sunday Special addition: Feb 6, 2pm Healthy Living Lecture by Dr. David Leader, OptiHealth. “Achieving Optimal Performance”: Dr. Leader spent 8 years as a field medic, cardiovascular technician and respiratory therapist in both the US Air Force and in local hospitals.  He has spent the last 15 years as a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist treating and educating patients on natural health restoration and maintenance. We will be giving out free samples of our All-Natural Endurance Formula before your workout and our Muscle Recovery Formula afterwards (see pdf link above).

Warm Up: Hip Mobility Drills
Ring Rows, Roving Plank, Squat FrRaise, Flutter Kick, ACP, Steam Engines, 5-10-15 Sprint, MB Cleans, Floor Wipers, See-Saw Press, Hi Skater (long run to Rows)

End: 21-15-9 B&T Jump (25′ Lunge)

Box Jump (20/25)
DB Heave (15/20)
KTE (20/25)
Sledge (20/25)
Burpee (15/20)

Quick Step (3/4)
MB Suicide (2/3)
Krank (100/200)
Broad Jump (200’/300′)
Low Crawl (100’/200′)
(how ’bout Beth’s ups in pic 4?!)