Join CF for our April ‘Pull-up a day’ challenge!

This is a fun challenge to get CFers engaged and to get better at our pull-ups!  The goal of the challenge is to do 1 pull-up for each day of the month: 1 on April 1, 2 on April 2, and so on until we all do 30 on April 30th.  Start out doing any type of pull-ups you’re comfortable with (jumping, bands, etc), and as you get better and stronger you’ll be able to move away from the assistance, get your first kip, or whatever it is that marks an improvement for you!

Obviously we’d love for you to be at CF every day of the month to do your reps, but we don’t expect that.  This is entirely on the honors system.  You are responsible for keeping track of your own reps.

Here are the guidelines for the challenge:

1. The pull-ups for each day should be performed as uninterrupted as possible.  For example: on the 20th, try to do all 20 before leaving the smokehouse area.  You can break it up into 4 x 5 / 2 x 10, but stay there until you get all your reps.
2. It’s ok to combine multiple days into one set if you want to (2 and 3 can be combined into 5 at once).
3. You can ‘buy in’ to the challenge any day of the month by performing all of the pull-ups you missed up to that point.
4. If you miss a day (or more), you must make up the missed pull-ups before doing the current day’s reps.  No “banking” reps ahead of time!
5. Any pull-ups you do during a workout may count towards the day’s reps if you want them to.

Sign up on the board by the smokehouse and check off each day you get your reps in.  Then, stay tuned!  We’ll do a re-cap at the end of the month to recognize improvements and accomplishments.

They may seem routine, but there is nothing easy about them! We’ll see plenty of these during Hero Week, so get ready!

Set up: Choose one of several hand positions.

Execution: Lower ENTIRE body to ground as one, keeping the core tight.  Head remains neutral (not looking up or down) and the natural curvature of the spine is preserved.  The chest should touch the ground.  Raise entire body from the ground in a similar manner.

Common faults: Flopping / inchworm form - knees then hips then chest hit the ground, straining the neck / back.

It’s not cheating to go on your knees - it will help maintain the proper body position for your pushup, and allow you to work the muscles that will eventually be strong enough to do pushups off you knees!