1) April 3 Sunday Special 1030A: Benchmark #3 (Pull Ups, Pushups, Run)…it’s a short WOD, we’ll do a significant warm up/class prior…so come on out!
****Kipping Instruction at 1130 for anyone doing the April Incentive.

2) Class Format Change: Wednesday 530AM…CrossFit (Matt)

3) Register for the Keystone Wounded Warrior 5k on May 1. Also, if interested in doing it Cadence Run Style with Chris, sign the sheet at the gym.

4) New Sunday Special added April 17 3-4p…Are you the CF Complete Athlete Class?(click icon in right frame).

5) New Incentive: April Aspirations…Yes, indeed, Pull Ups! You must be signed up by APRIL 8 to participate (click icon in right frame).

Congrats to everyone who took on a personal challenge with the Rope Climb Incentive during March!

Be sure to click on the Incentive icon soon (like around April 1) to see the April Aspiration Incentive…

Great thing about our workout style is that you can do it even when you’re in a pinch (at home, at a park or traveling).

1) Less is more: Even while traveling you can hit a globo-gym…and get in and out in 25 mins…warm-up, 21-15-9 (KTE, HP, Box Jump) and some hill sprints. Done. The folks trucking it out on a treadmill and lifting weights for 60 minutes…that’s great for them if that’s their thing…but our thing is RESULTS…and that only comes from High Intensity Training…fact.

2) “Anytime, anyday, anywhere”  -Nat King Cole: We do high intensity athletic conditioning b/c the overall athleticism developed transfers to many, many contexts from competitive sport to military/law to household chores…always ready to go; athletically prepared for everything!


Not again. OK, let’s say it in unison…”fat doesn’t make us fat, sugar makes us fat.” We’re not reviewing it again (believe me…we’re NOT).
But we are emphasizing the critical role Fat plays in a healthy diet and a diet designed to enhance performance.

We know, we know…stay away from Trans fats. Good. And eat good fats from clean fish, nuts, oils. Very good…especially load up the Omega 3s. And totally stay away from gnarly Saturated fats…..uh, well…not so fast. Kinda maybe.

See not all Sat Fats are created equal. Take the widely touted Coconut Oil (from Scott D) which is very high in Sat Fat…but its health benefits are wicked. I found this to be a very quick, readable review. ” Or here about Lauric Acid.
“The research over four decades concerning coconut oil in the diet and heart disease is quite clear: coconut oil has been shown to be beneficial.” and “Coconut oil is a “functional food,” defined as a food that “provides a health benefit over and beyond the basic nutrients.” (Dr. Mary Enig)

Fat’s where it’s at!

It ain’t Monday, but “did you know” that Rope Climb has been a part of physical fitness events since ancient times (comprehensive review here)? And that it was an Olympic event!?

We have 15 CF Olympians signed up to test their climbing skills on Monday or Tuesday. Give them a shout out at class when they pull away!
1st Rope Climb: Shannon
2 in 45s: Sizzler, Ktri, Tennis Karen, Axl
3 in 60s: ScottD, Gretch, Jax, Van, Pags, EricS, MelissaH, Ed, BF, DaisyJanie

1) ML Update: ” the way my body tolerated the treatment was in the top 5 people that he has ever treated.” (see more at the caringbridge site)

2) Keystone Wounded Warrior 5k, Sunday May 1, 10AM. Corps Fitness is planning a cadence run for the 5K. Chris will ride and call the cadence. Sign-up sheet posted later just to get a head count of those interested.

3) Today is last day to get your name on the Rope Climb Incentive Sheet (on the whiteboard, for a free class).  Test days are Monday 3/28, Tuesday 3/29 during any class. If you are around at those classes, be sure to support those who are attempting the Incentive in usual CF style!!

4) I swear I know this guy? I think he worked at the Eat n Park in St. Marys? Anyone know?

Plank variations are great for developing that tight midline…helping stabilize on squats, lock tight on deadlifts, and avoid sagging on pushups! That’s just to name a few…having a solid “core” is essential for everything at CF. Try to work some plank variations into your stretching routine at home. Try it for 2 weeks…you’ll like it!
Click here for video of plank sequence.