A remarkable outpouring of support and remembrance for Kyle Pagerly. Alecia wrote, “Thanks for keeping Kyle’s memory alive!!  The workout on Friday is exactly what Kyle would want!!! ”

Indeed, that kinda suffering was right up his alley. Thanks to everyone who came out….over 50 at the 530pm class…the man touched many lives! Have a great weekend.

BTW for those who don’t know the origin of Santa…this is his sense of humor…Pags’ interpretation of “Grab a weight for the mile run!” (Winter HW 2010)

More pics at smugmug

“If you stopped yourself every time you said,‘I have to…’ and changed it to ‘I get to…’it might change your entire experience.”

Badge 27
Run 400m/27 Deadlift
Run 400m/27 OH Swing
Run 400m/27 OH Squat
Run 400m/27 Burpee
Run 400m/27 DB Squat Clean
Run 400m/27 Box Jumps
Run 400m/50 Pullups

1) Friday Night Lights, June 29, 530pm, Pags Remembrance workout
2) Sunday Special July 1, 8am
3) 4th of July Schedule (Wednesday): Combined Class, 8am. All other classes canceled.
4) Starting Tuesday July 3, 630-730am (Tuesdays), Open CrossFit.
5) Sunday July 15: Christmas in July, 12 Days of Christmas workout
6) Saturday July 21: NEW 4-week Beginner Basic Training begins. Excellent introductory format for the apprehensive!

Observe, learning a new exercise, or improving on one takes….ta-da…Observation.

Humans imitate, right? And Observational Learning (as it’s called) is a powerful mode of acquiring information. And it’s really the most efficient, natural, instictive mode…watch and learn. Whatever your goal, a basic squat or press…or more advanced moves…don’t over-intellectualize it, go back to toddler-learning….see it, learn it, do it.
The steps in Observational Learning:
1) Attention: know what to attend to
2) Retention: remember it (which includes visualizing oneself doing it, succeeding)
3) Motor Reproduction: retrieve it
4) Motivation: prioritize it

Watch this

Then practice for 2 weeks and do this

Now do that with your CF goals! Rock on!

CELERY! Yep, that often overlooked, underestimated veggie. Merely reduced to a vehicle for guzzling hummus or playing second fiddle to the hotwing. No way.

Celery is serious. Cancer fighting, cholesterol reducing, anti-inflammatory, and on and on. Read more here. (and maybe it holds some “comfort” food properties if you remember it shmeared with PB in your school cafeteria?!)

Spells Fun!
MBs a-flyin!
Partner Angie to finish.
And a little “where’s waldo”…find the Modified Plank…nice!