Hero Week prep:
1) Hand care.
2) Hydrate.
3) Hand care.
4) Stretch.
5) Hand care.
6) Study up on exercises (shave calluses while watching vids!:)

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” J. Campbell

Important Notice: Aug 6-12 Hero Week. Each day, every class runs the Hero WOD. Be aware, be prepared.

Hero Week is for everyone. Stop by for only a few days…or try the entire week! The sense of accomplishment is exhilarating. Make use of the scaling/modifications. Make the WODs do-able for your ability. Find how deep you can dig and suffer. Read the comments here about what HW means.

With that said, there is inherent danger and risk in everything. Hero Week is no different. Exercise responsibly. Don’t get Rhabdo “any unsuspecting folks who may imprudently decide, despite our warnings, to tackle a workout full throttle and fully unprepared (Glassman, CFJ, 38, 2005)” should heed one of our favorite observations by Tirzah Harper on the CrossFit Discussion Board (original thread here):

“I will add that one of my favorite things about CF is its assumption that I have a perfectly good brain of my own AND the desire to use it.It’s self-determining.

If I push too hard and get rhabdo, it’s my own damn fault. If I don’t push hard enough and don’t see much results, ditto. I don’t rely on anyone else to tell me where my limits are. I don’t expect anyone else to keep me safe.

CF’s presumption of self-reliant brainpower is one of the few bastions left here in the States where playgrounds aren’t much fun anymore because they’re eliminating all the equipment that kids might get hurt on, and freedom of activity is curtailed for fear of lawsuits.”

That about sums it up! Show up, push the limits of responsible intensity.

Circuit style-2 rds
KBHP, side squat jumps, crunch and punch, jack webs, squats w/front raise, van phams, lunge with OH press, dot drill/high knees, side-side on the bar.

Finish-3 rds- runner is the clock
Run figure 8
Wall ball/ball slams

Buy your Hero Week package this week.

If you aren’t in for the entire week, be sure to come out as many days as you can and be part of this CF tradition and tribute.

Everyone mark your calendars…Saturday August 11, 10:30am. Berks County Sheriff K9 demo. Plan to stay after the Hero WOD or just come out with the family. Great opportunity to see the dogs in action and represent for HW! Donations accepted all week for Friends of Berks County Sheriff K9, but plan to come out to see the K9 demo on Sat. August 11!

CF-ata something else.
1) FNL 530p
2) KP5K registration and sponsor materials are online at www.kylepagerly5k.com. Get registered, spread the word about sponsor opportunities (see downloadable form on sponsor page).
3) Keep up with HW info at the HW event page at CF facebook page.

Eric's Thursday 630a Open CrossFit. Bigger crowds every week!

where’d that painstorm come from?!

Partner Lead/Follow:

20 Box Jump
15 Ring Dip
20 Lunge Steps
20 Plank Walk
Run ’til done

4-5 rds: End w/ 400m partner wtd kwkstep


On another note, random.org spat out “5”….Weesa wins the HW incentive. Some extraordinary descriptions of HW at the HW Past page. She wrote, “Hero week to me is a reminder of all those brave women and men who protect and serve us we sometimes take for granted. You can achieve great things through strength of character and perseverance and become a hero. You can doubt your ability to complete a workout and want to give up, but having the strength of character and purpose to overcome your own fears about completing it – that’s the stuff of heros. That’s what inspires us all at hero week, that we sometimes doubt our ability to carry on, then as our Corps family always does, we pick each other up stronger than before, doubly committed to our goals and we press on to the end. Cuz ‘we get to.'”