Our Goal

We aim to set ourselves apart from the traditional “gym type” atmosphere where you are anonymous and your success is not at the forefront of their priorities. At CORPSFITNESS, our main goal is to ensure you succeed because we know that satisfied and happy people always come back.

We know that in order to thrive in anything you have to be motivated and inspired. When you walk through our door you will be welcomed by instructors and a group of all abilities that epitomizes both and will provide you the encouragement needed to push yourself beyond your preconceived barriers. This is group fitness combined with personal training but taken a step higher.

Double the motivation… Double the encouragement… Double the results… Guaranteed! You will leave every class exhausted but with the knowledge that you just outperformed anything you’ve ever done before. To know that you can exist on a higher level and feel better than you ever have is a feeling no one can take away from you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, athlete or novice, young or old, we will help motivate you to succeed and redefine your fitness limits.


Quick Intro Video

Photo of Tough Mudder Competitors

Photo of Tough Mudder Competitors from CORPSFITNESS