A mind when toughened can and will push itself to unprecedented heights. So these games will benefit you some day, and you must always remember that. Whether you believe it or not, these cruel mind games can save your life or the life of your friends one day.

Check out this website about Marine Corps boot camp.  It might help you understand more about the things we do at CF and the reasons behind them!

As a kid you might have been told that eating more carrots will help us see in the dark, but did you know that eating more vegetables can help make you superhuman?  Just make sure the veggies and other foods you choose are clean!

If you’re doing the no-sugar challenge, check out these extreme diets / detoxes / cleanses to put what you are eating into perspective.  You are eating REAL FOOD, how about that?!?  And you’re probably beyond the week 2 slump and feeling good about where you are right now.  Start planning now to turn this temporary change into a lifestyle change.  Prepare your cupboards!

JJ started it off strong by calling out all of the cadence this morning!  And he even had enough breath left to impart some words of wisdom on all in attendance.  CF is more than just a workout; it is a place that changes all who walk through the front door.

Workout: 4 lines: 2 moving, 2×3 stations to time the moving lines

And to top it all off, a hill run!!

Farewell Johnnie!!  We will miss you.  This is not goodbye, just ‘see you later’ - hope to see you again real soon!!

Ammonia in your soda?  And other fun food facts!

Do you know what scary additives may be lurking in your food?  This topic was going strong on Livestrong this week - do some research on your own and find out what you’re really putting in your body!

More about what to avoid and where you can find it

It’s necessary for some people, and maybe you won’t know if you’re one of them until you try it, but if you don’t need to go gluten free, are you really doing yourself any favors?

Any time you start paying attention to any component of your diet, you will lose body fat and probably feel better (or at least more pious) simply by being more conscientious of what goes into your pie hole.”

Come out tonight at 6:30 and try some new recipes that fellow CFers put together; you might just find something you like!  And if you are making / bringing something, maybe consider bringing along a few recipe cards to share with everyone, or post your recipe to the blog!

Reminder!  Paleo / CF gathering after 5:30 pm class tomorrow to wrap up and celebrate old-school CF week.  Great job this week, everyone!  Hopefully this week has provided a solid reminder of the roots of Corps Fitness.

Have you checked out one of Amy’s yoga classes yet??

Showers are up and running, providing availability for new NOON classes Mondays and Wednesdays - stop over for an all-abilities workout if your schedule allows!

The plank is one exercise that used to be common to nearly every CF workout.  While its prevalence may have faded, its importance has not.  Legend goes that someone amongst us has held a plank for upwards of 4 minutes!  Try that on for size!

Form: Keep the core tight, shoulders directly above the elbows, butt down, head neutral.  Lock it in.

Pitfalls: Pushing back on the shoulders / butt in the air / head too far down or up

Variations: Plank on ball / plank on box / one foot or hand off the ground at all times


This week, come out and join in the fun during a full week of throwback, old-school Corps Fitness workouts.  Come out and remember what this place is all about: respect, teamwork, camaraderie, and pushing yourself beyond your preconceived limits while in the company of the finest group of people in Berks County!

5:30AM class getting it started right!

Also, in case you missed it:

  • Showers are up and running
  • Amy Sharkey is bringing yoga to Corps Fitness
  • New “All-abilities” classes are now available at NOON on Monday / Wednesday

5 on a side

Goblet squat
V twist
B+T/ tuck jump
Walk about
25′ KB swing walk after each station then switch sides.

Med ball clean, press, slam
Good mornings
Lumber jacks
Bicep curl/ Military press
GH sit-ups
25′ OH walking lunge after each station.

Clockwise / counterclockwise circuit - new partners at each station:

Step up w/lunge
Leg raises
KB OH Swings
Negative chin-ups
Backward lunge w/side raise
Polar bear crawl
Jingle jangle
To top it all off: 3 minutes toe tap / step push-ups / side steps vs walking lunge!

Rumor has it there are some gifts in the bushes out front…

Friday AM
Kaag pulling a 20-lb sandbag around town…
Friday AM
Friday AM