My what, you say??  Yes your rostral ventrolateral medulla, an area of the brain that controls the body’s sympathetic nervous system.  We know that exercising is associated with positive changes in your brain, but this article summarizes new research suggesting that inactivity may be associated with negative changes.

“In effect, these neurons had changed in ways that made them likely to overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system, potentially increasing blood pressure and contributing to the development of heart disease.”

So get up off the couch and DO SOMETHING!!


Reminder: this Saturday Pinnacle Martial Arts is holding a FREE Child Safety Class at CF.

Weekend instructors:

  • Friday 5:30 PM: Matt D
  • Sunday 8 AM: Matt D + no sugar challenge wrap-up and awards
  • Sunday 1 PM: Gretchen

Valentine’s Day Weekend, join fellow CFers for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday full of kettlebell-themed Hero WODs.  Friday 2/14 5:30 PM class will be a couples / pairs / workout with your partner theme.  Everyone is welcome: Singles will be paired up for the workout.  Check out this link or the sidebar for more information about this special event!



Here’s to the crew that gets their workout in while everyone else is sleeping: the 5:30 AM-ers.  Who, by the way, were outside running on this frigid morning.  Stay strong, my friends.

Part of the 5:30 AM Wednesday crew.  Yeah, they do pull-ups to cool down.  No biggie.

And, a few more photos for your viewing pleasure:

New exercise alert: Standing Russian Dancers at Van’s Tuesday class.
In a flurry of snow that would shut down Atlanta, CFers are just warming up!

Awesome Form Recognition: OH Walking Lunge. Tight core, arms locked out overhead, big step out to the front, knee stays behind the toes. Back knee ALL THE WAY down. Get some!


Join Mike V for Spin / Krank class on Friday at 5:30 AM! Mike’s Tuesday 5:30 PM and Friday 5:30 AM classes are now permanently on the schedule!


Reminder: this Saturday Pinnacle Martial Arts is holding a FREE Child Safety Class.

**A clarification on the unlimited membership from the recent newsletter: If you sign up for the discounted unlimited membership, all we ask is that you commit to a full year of membership.  **you may freeze your membership at any time for documented medical reasons**

  • If you sign up for the 1 month unlimited plan, we’ll automatically charge your account $115 every month: 12 payments for the year.
  • If you sign up for the 3 month unlimited plan, we’ll automatically charge your account $310 every 3 months: 4 payments for the year ($103 monthly rate).
  • If you sign up for the 6 month unlimited plan, we’ll automatically charge your account $585 every 6 months: 2 payments per year ($97.50 monthly rate.  Biggest savings over the year).

At its best.  Because we’re CFers and because sometimes deliveries are early and need to be worked into a workout!

Thank you to the 9:30 AM class for adapting the workout and helping unload tons of flooring!  Soon it’ll be down and the floors will be looking like new.  Now who’s ready to roll these up the Friendly’s Hill?


We appreciate everyone’s flexibility with the weather we had over the past couple of days!

Updates this week:

1. There is a FREE Intro to Corps Fitness class on Saturday at 9:45 AM.

2. Superbowl Sunday come out to the 8 AM class for MD’s special WOD.  Seattle or Denver, who will it be?

3. Weekend instructors:
FNL: John
Sunday 8 AM: Matt
Sunday 1 PM: Van

Who knew Awesome had his own personal photographer?


Good morning CF’ers hope everyone is well this morning. Thank you for your patience and understanding for our closures due to the inclement weather. As a result of the schedule changes come join us for a FREE workout today.

In addition, from 830am-130pm we are offering “Open Gym” times for anyone who wants to come in outside the regularly scheduled class times. We will have a workout posted or you can work on things you might not get the chance to during your regular visits.

Lastly we are going to throw in a 645pm Intermediate/Advanced class following the Beginner class at 530pm

Brush off the snow and get back at it today!!


Weather continuing into tonight and temps dropping so we are canceling Wednesday 530am. 930am & 530pm are as of now still on however a reminder the 530pm spin/krank IS cancelled for tomorrow only. Stay connected for any additional weather updates. Thank you


Due to the inclement weather, all evening classes are cancelled today.  Please stay tuned to the blog and Facebook for any additional cancellations.  Stay safe and warm!!