Remember to wear your costumes today for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Chris dressed as a PSU referee (the sunglasses are a clue).

Dawn of the dead, 5:30 AM

Getting ghoulish at 9:30 AM



*Dug up old Halloween party pics, and this was the only one appropriate for the blog 😐

THIS FRIDAY come to class (5:15am, 5:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm) dressed in your best Halloween costume for a chance to win an awesome Corps Fitness prize pack including FREE CLASS and GEAR!

The winner of the Halloween costume contest will be determined through a weekend long Facebook vote. So come dressed to impress and don’t miss out on a chance to win this awesome prize pack!

Since Friday is Halloween, and Wyo trick or treat is on Friday night, we won’t be having an official Halloween party this year, so this is our compromise!!  And you might win something, so it’s technically better, right? :-)



Do you remember that day in September when you thought “hey, that challenge sounds fun (read: terrifying), I’ll give it a try!”?  And then you proceeded to rowing, thrusters and pull ups until you thought your lungs and heart might explode?  Yes?  Well, it’s time to test out!

Sign up for a time slot this Thursday, Friday same times as before, or Sunday (before 8 or before 1). If you are not retesting (didn’t test in) you are still welcome to take part and see how you do!

Get with one of the trainers if you haven’t done the rowing instruction and get signed up for the available time slots at the front desk!

Reminder: Saturday 11/1 is a THROWBACK class at the Stone House.  With a chance of snow?  Perfect!



10 stations with a pull-up / spin downward spiral (60/45/30/15) finisher!

Lee pushing the prowler in the morning sun
Grip strength day: Quick step, KB swings, T2B, and Ring Lumberjacks

…finishing with more grip strength: pull ups!! oh, how 60 seconds can feel like forever!
They’re working, you’re working. Cheering each other on to the bitter end!

Featured image: CF baseball academy and Garage Strength sharing the space, getting their workouts in on a Thursday night!

CF Movie Night! Presenting “Fed Up” and kicking off the Breaking Bad Habits Challenge, which will run through December 17th. Email [email protected] or pick up a packet at the desk for more information! More will also be posted to the blog along the way.
Thursday CF Basic getting it done!

Weekend instructors:
FNL: Van
Sunday: Gretchen (8 and 1)




at 9:30.  Learn more about CF Stay and Play here!

We’ll also have Stay and Play on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM for kids 12 and under.  Older kids will have a structured class (as long as numbers allow) and younger kids will have organized play time.  Parents are welcome to stay with the kids or to work out during the 8:30 AM class.

TONIGHT, 6:45, we’re hosting CF Movie Night in 7Bravo.  We’ll be showing Fed Up followed by a Q&A / discussion with Jess Pham, our in-house dietitian.  The evening may last until 8:30-9 PM (not required to stay the whole time), so plan accordingly!  We’ll also be kicking off our Breaking Bad Habits Challenge!  Learn more tonight and we’ll follow up later this week with information on the blog.

Apparel orders are due 10/27!


We’re talking to you!  CF Tenth Anniversary and other Fall Gear is available for order online (wow - we’re gettin’ fancy!!).  Represent CF morning, noon and night with this cool new and throwback gear!

Get online, pick out what you want for yourself and your family (hey, the holidays are right around the corner), pay online and pick up at CF when the orders arrive.

Orders are due 10/27 so please don’t wait!!




Challenge: Join the Corps Fitness community for an 8-week health program, which asks you to break 2 poor eating habits every 2 weeks in order to shed unwanted lbs & reach your top potential!

 When: October 23rd through December 17th

 What you get: Nutritional guidance and weekly meetings with Corps Fitness Nutritionist Jessica Pham. PLUS weigh-ins, nutritional analytics & team support!

 Cost: $25 for all 8 weeks!

*The Breaking Bad Habits challenge kicks off with a the showing of the documentary “Fed Up” and Q&A with Jess on October 23rd 6:45pm at Corps Fitness.

1st movie night at CF so bring a something cozy to sit on!!


A new challenge unrolling next week!

Looking to shed some unwanted lbs this fall?  Join the Corps Fitness BREAKING BAD HABITS CHALLENGE!!  Led by CFer and registered dietitian Jess Pham, this program will run for 8 weeks (Oct 23 - Dec 17) and challenges participants to break the bad eating habits that are holding you back from reaching your true fitness potential.  Buy in for just $25 and you get weekly access and nutritional guidance from Jess PLUS weigh-ins, dietary analytics, and team support you won’t find anywhere else but Bldg 7!

Email today to sign up or learn more: [email protected]

The challenge will kick off on October 23rd with a showing of Fed Up, a new documentary about the sugar epidemic in America, followed by a Q&A with Jess.

The Phool is back!! (temporarily, but we love it)