About Operation Badge 27

"I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life and saving my life. A few weeks ago we had a fire and I went in to rescue a guy from the second floor bed room and when I got near the top of the steps, which where on fire, the steps had given way. I was partially hanging there and if not for the program and the conditioning I got I would not have been able to pull myself up to the second floor landing. During the program you pushed me and helped me do the best I could and then some. I know I'm physically and mentally stronger since the beginning. I can't say I enjoyed getting up at 4:30 am to get ready for class, but it did help me think about getting the rest I need. 3 months ago I thought I was in good shape. How wrong I was."

Kyle PagerlyNov 12, 1982 - Jun 29, 2011


“Kyle felt it was important to be physically fit in order to perform the duties of his job both as a sheriff and as a firefighter”

-- Alecia Pagerly

Thank you to our partners at Riverfront Federal Credit Union for their support of Pag's Operation Badge 27 Program!

Corps Fitness is honored to be the official training facility of the Operation Badge 27 Program.

What is Operation Badge 27?

Law enforcement and first responders are careers that the public depends on to protect them from danger. The ability to perform occupational duties while wearing heavy gear and possibly a breathing apparatus is paramount to public safety, and requires a high level of fitness to achieve.

Mission Statement

The organization will identify and support the development and needs of first responders in furtherance of their continued service and protection of the community as well as generate revenue for first responder organizations that are in need of funding.

Operation Badge 27

This program is offered in memory of fallen Berks County Sheriff Kyle Pagerly and was started through partnership between Alecia Pagerly, Kyle’s wife and Chris Kaag, owner of Corps Fitness and a former Marine Corps Sergeant. Corps Fitness is the local fitness facility where Kyle pushed his physical and mental limits regularly before his untimely death. It gives the opportunity for all Berks County 1st responders, Law enforcement, fire, prison and ems to partake in the physical benefits for a low monthly cost of $25 to get in better shape, to ensure they can perform their job and protect their brothers and sisters.

Before this new improved opportunity we held our first what was previously called Call to Action, held in the spring of 2012. Pretty hard to put into words what this challenge meant and how the true spirit of Corps Fitness was demonstrated by all regardless of your ability, your profession or your rank, everyone was equal and all suffered together. Everyone picked up the person next to them if they needed reassurance that they could finish. Everyone carried a little extra weight on the runs in addition to the gear they wore. Everyone carried themselves through for something more than just themselves. They got some for Kyle! Respect-Accountability-Teamwork was never more evident.

We thank Alecia for her support for allowing us to continue Kyle's legacy with local 1st responders and law enforcement and ensuring they have the opportunity to realize their fitness potential.

How it works

  • Complete a Corps Fitness waiver and provide proof of Berks County Dept you’re associated with.
  • Credit card is needed to sign on for a 6-month auto withdrawal of $25/month. This provides access to all classes and programs offered through Corps Fitness


Give back to your community and help keep your local law enforcement, fire, and first responders in top shape by supporting the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund 501c3 tax deductible entity EIN# 45-2672173. 100% of donations help fund the Operation Badge 27 program.

For sponsorship information call us 877-498-8620 or E-Mail Us

Melissa SeidelDeputy Sheriff K9 Handler

Berks County Sheriff's Department

“...when I was going to class I was actually going to workout with a family.”

After being selected by my department to be the next K9 handler, I knew it was time to get back into shape. When I learned about the Operation Badge 27, I knew that I would be pushed to my limit and that's exactly what I needed.

One of the best things about the CTA challenge was knowing that when I was going to class I was actually going to workout with a family. Chris and the entire Corps Fitness staff really made me feel so welcome. For example, during the challenge classes, if someone finished a workout before you they would continue with their workout, just to push you to finish. It is such a great atmosphere to workout in.

I know that today, if I had to chase someone on the street, jump a fence or wrestle with someone; I would be able to do it. At the beginning of the challenge, I don't think I could say that.

My suggestions to future Operation Badge 27 participants is to not be scared to join, everyone was in your shoes at some point. The first workout might be overwhelming with all of the exercises to remember, but don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone will be more than happy to help you out. Participating in the CTA challenge was probably one of the best decisions I have made.

Damond M. KlocCaptain

Reading Police Department

“...I feel healthier, lighter, faster and more focused...”

When I received the motivating Operation Badge 27 email announcing the challenge, I began to look for other participants to sign up with me. It was a done deal when I found a few officers who were all motivated to join.

The physical fitness standard to become a police officer is based on age and gender at the 50th percentile while at the police academy. I interpret that to mean you have a 50/50 shot at winning in a physical confrontation. I'm not happy with that standard, nor should any cop wearing a uniform.

The Corps Fitness CTA challenge puts your body well above the average male or female in society; now all you have to bring is the heart to win! Additionally, the challenge helps to improve that confidence when that situation arises.

A memorable aspect of the challenge was seeing law enforcement officers off duty working on individual goals while still motivating one another as a team. Overall, as we approach the end of the challenge, I feel healthier, lighter, faster and more focused which allows me to get more done. My prior back pain has also subdued (back pain is the most common law enforcement ailment nationwide).

I've experienced over 10lbs of weight loss, but what really sits well with me is the ability to complete the workouts recommended by the trainers for the day. The feeling of banging out one of Corps Fitness's workouts in its totality is a great sense of achievement that makes the rest of the day seem like a breeze.