“Aren’t you scared you’re gonna hurt yourself doin’ that stuff?”
“I’d be scared I’d get hurt.”

Oooh spooky Halloween Post on the ol’ Scary CF theme.

Yes, we can get hurt and that can be scary.  And we can get hurt picking up the newspaper and sneezing but no one has issues with those.

So the scary reality is this…if you don’t do this stuff you’ll get hurt. We all know the fragile, thready, perpetually injured person who does zero high intensity functional fitness properly. Why we stay relatively injury free (relatively, because sure we get dinged up now and then)? We think, learn. We specialize in not specializing…lifting weights, bodyweight, mobility, speed, agility, explosiveness, endurance, whatever it takes. We make our bodies functionally resilient and able to withstand the varying demands of daily life, sport, recreation, vocation.

How can even we go awry though?
1) From Men in Black, “A person is smart, people are stupid.” Or, none of us are stupider than all of us. The group energy can inhibit good decision-making and lead us to dangerous places. Be sure you know how to execute what you are executing…not just because eveyone else is doing it.
2) Overconfidence. Cart before the horse. Immediate gratification. We think because we can do some of the elements, we can jump directly into the complex movement.

The scariest thing is that the brain has to be on…all the time.
(pic from crossfitlisbeth)

Black Shirts show on a White Snowy Day!
Takin’ some hardware!
Sunday Special: Corps Fitness Gone Bad

We’re very proud of the outside efforts of all CFers! Thanks for putting high-intensity functional fitness to the test…and showing proof in the pudding in all you do!

Overheard at CF: “The only cure for mental anguish is physical pain.”

1Arm OH Lunge, HP, 3 Shoulder PU/3 Arm Hauler
Crunch/Punch, 1Arm Press, 3 Thrusts/3 Mtn Climbers
1Arm Wtd SitUp, Beck’s Burpee, 3 Star Jump/3 JJs

Things to know: Get to your next exercise quickly; even snow won’t prevent a punishment 200m; and never…ever…run from the guy in green.

Snow tomorrow.
Remember…Motivate a Friend Incentive good until Oct 31.
Sat 945a New CFer Only Class
Sat 630p Capture the Flag Draft
Sun 10a Fitzy’s Run
Sun 3p Sunday Special
Stellar week of work! Have a great weekend!

1) Sat, Oct 29, 945AM. Intro Class for NEW CFers ONLY! See Incentive Motivate a Friend! New CFers can buy 10-class for $80, referring CFer gets free 5-class!
2) Sat, Oct 29, 630PM. Capture the Flag Team Draft Night & Bring Your Own Casserole party (bring food or beverage to share).
3) Sun, Oct 30, 10AM. Fitzy’s Run. Black Shirts come out to enjoy a 5k through Wyomissing. Give to Lauren’s Foundation (a top-notch charity with 3 donation options Scholarship, Research, and Sunflower Funds, where you know your dollars go directly to helping those who need it). Support Mike F who has been a CFer for years. Get some seriously good post-race grub.
4) Sun, Oct 30, 3pm. SUNDAY SPECIAL! Coach’s choice (isn’t it always?!). Also, look for Sunday Specials this Fall to replay those Benchmarks 1-4. See if you’ve improved, sacrificed since Spring.
5) Mon Dec 26 - Sun Jan 1: Winter Hero Week. Honor Roll: Law Enforcement.

Be sure to check the blog or FB for updates on classes and schedules. Some events like HW (which is planned well in advance) and the Holiday classes sneak up on us quickly, keep yourself “in-the-know” about what’s going on at the gym!
-Thursdays 945 SPIN CLASS, Christina Redner. Get some intense bike time in!
-Thanksgiving Day Classes: Nov. 24, 8AM Cadence Run (Wyo Pool), 9AM CF Class (gym)

3 Renegade Rows
6 Side Hops (over back =1)
10 Up Downs (hips hit floor)
12 GrassHoppers (single count)

DL 2-2-2 (MattM hitting 3+!)
Skills: Pull Up Progressions


Put in the time, listen, think, practice, fail, learn.
Sacrifice now…to succeed later (Pinkie and Blue rocked it out!)

Winter Hero Week is cranking-up on us (Dec. 26-Jan. 1)…are you ready? And not “rah rah” ready…but are you Ready Ready. This whole thing is not only about sacrificing that week, but demonstrating commitment and sacrifice over the year. Have you put in the time, skills, work, benchmarks, practice?
In other words, will you go another Hero Week on the bands…knowing what Murph sacrificed, did you sacrifice to do a perfect Murph during HW? Will you go another Hero Week way, way below the rx’d weights? Or jogging 400s? Or without Double Unders? Whatever…have you sacrificed across the year so that you can duly sacrifice that one week. Get it straight, do it right…we know what they sacrificed…

Winter HW ’11 is going back to its origins. As promised, to be one of the most challenging HWs yet. And our Honor Roll will be fallen Law Enforcement Officers. We have plenty of LE who come to CF, so we’ll pay tribute to their fallen family. 2 months to get your game on!

4 on a side shoe lace: Kaos style exercise in between.
Ball Xchange, Push Press, BC/DB Pushup, Wtd Sit Up
Walkabout, 1leg Squat, B&T Hurdle, Slamball
(Pick your Kaos exercise from a hat: Mtn Climbers, Pushups, Lying JJ, Flutter Kicks, Rocket Jumps, Bicycle Cr, B&T)

Outstanding fun! Good to see the sportsters back!

“The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be; all human virtues increase and strengthen themselves by the practice and experience of them.” -Socrates

Kyle Pagerly Memorial Tree (Gring's Mill)
Kyle Pagerly Memorial Tree (looking toward Amphitheatre)

“In response to MD’s posting of the photograph of feathers tied on one of the poles in the gym, several folks have asked about the meaning. The Plains Indians tied feathers and other symbolic items together as a way to honor the memory of warriors felled in battle. These would be placed on or near the burial sites of those that were killed. Many times they were hung in trees or on ceremonial staffs. These Warrior Feathers were tied as a way to honor our fallen brother Pags.

There are seven hawk feathers tied with sinew to 4-strands of red wool with black beads. There are also seven different colored glass beads placed on wire. The jingle cones, of which there are also seven on each side, were placed on black leather thong. There is also a pink abalone button placed in the center (this has a personal meaning to me which I will not share).

The numbers 4 and 7 have significance in all Native American cultures. The number 4 shows up on Medicine Wheels, among other items, and has several significant meanings. Four is representative of the four compass directions, North, South, East and West, of which all have meanings unto themselves. It also represents the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, the four characteristics of man, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual, and the four components of the cycle-of –life:  birth, youth, maturity and death.

Colors also have significant meaning and seven colors in particular. The colors are blue, black, red, yellow, white, green and purple. The Lakota Medicine Wheel incorporates the following meanings for the colors… Blue is representative of Father Sky, Black represents the west direction and is the sign of the Horse Spirit, Red represents the north direction and is the sign of the Buffalo Spirit, yellow is the in the east and is a sign of the Deer Spirit, and white is located in the south and is a symbol of the Bird Spirit. Green is the color of the Earth Mother and Purple is representative of the whole of the Universe. There are also human virtues associated with the four colors of the cardinal directions; black: strength and courage, red: guidance and direction, yellow: humility, kindness and compassion, white: health, healings and happiness.

The number 7 encompasses all of the above, the Seven Directions represented by the colors and seven generations of their people in each direction, past and present, and the belief that what we do during our life times will affect the next seven generations of our people. Seven generations are considered a cycle, and in that belief it is held that all living things are connected by a web of life, and what we do to the web we do to all living things, good or bad, it will require seven generations for it to run its course.

So, in closing I will say that there is much meaning in what may appear to be a simple symbol, which is the way Native Cultures lived their lives for hundreds of years, simply and in balance with all living things. It is through this simple yet deep meaning tribute I choose to honor our brother Kyle Pagerly for a selfless, exemplary life, which he lived, giving to and sacrificing for his people, and I hope maybe, just maybe you all can take a little piece of it and hold it close in your hearts in remembrance of our fallen hero!”

Mitaukye O’yasin! Wankan Tanka Nici Un!                           -Johnnie