If you would like to keep going (31 pull-ups tomorrow, etc), that’s awesome and you should definitely do it!  Let’s make the next target 50, which will be on May 20th.  Track on the white board if you’re continuing!  Also, post your thoughts on the pull-up challenge to the blog or, if you’re not a comments person (which appears to be most of you…) send an email about thoughts at the beginning vs the end / send a shout-out to somebody who did an awesome job / vote for who’s most improved / whatever!

The MAY CHALLENGE will be a similar form, but this month we’ll be doing ring dips.  Sure, one ring dip may sound “easy” (if you’re already a beast… have you tried a ring dip recently??), but guaranteed they’ll add up!  The same rules apply and this is completely scale-able (if you can’t do a ring dip (yet), use a band.  If you can’t do that (yet), use a box and do regular dips.  Whatever makes it a challenge to you.)  Who knows… once we’re all masters at pull-ups and ring dips, we could do anything!!

Stay tuned later in May for some smaller ‘outside-of-CF’ challenges.  Playlist competition, anyone?



Get started early and cross off your ‘to-do’ items.  Don’t wait!

Another teacher-inspired puller-upper!!

(parental permission granted to use this photo)


Not the SNL type…

8 AM Sunday class is moved to 9 AM to coincide with the Pags Call to Action graduation.  Join your local first responders in their final class of the challenge time frame.  Boots and utes are encouraged but not required.  Stick around for a social gathering after class!

Summary for Sunday 4/27:
NO 8 AM class
C2A Grad class at 9, social gathering at 10
1 PM class per normal schedule


Today’s a big day: the total cumulative pull-ups in the challenge, including today’s 24, is exactly 300!

Class 3 Kyle Pagerly Call to Action Graduation is this Sunday 4/27 at 9 AM.  Come out and wish the men and women of Class 3 well as they continue their journeys, and hopefully stick around CF!

You loved the April challenge!!  Stay tuned to the blog for the May challenge.  We’re always excited to hear new ideas!  If you ever have ideas for challenges, workouts, etc. please let us know!


Weekend instructors:
FNL: Carla
Saturday 7 AM: Matt
Sunday 1 PM: Van



Our teacher CFers have been using their recess time to catch up on their numbers, and in doing so they have inspired their students to try some pull-ups as well!  Check out these awesome shots:

*parental permission was granted to display these photos



Saturday’s workout was dedicated to those affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  4 were killed and several others injured in the attacks at the finish line.  We got to suffer because we’re here, they’re not.

Good luck to all Boston Marathon runners today, and be safe!!