We are ready to roll with our Summer ’17 Hero Week, and this installation will honor fallen Marines and our Pags (on the 6th anniversary of his death, 6/29), as well as pay tribute to the foundations of Corps Fitness.
**Sunday, June 25th - 10:00AM Class (ONLY CLASS)
Monday 6/26 - Regular Class Schedule
Tuesday 6/27 - Regular Schedule (8:30AM class WILL be the Hero workout) Spin Hybrid will be as usual
Wednesday 6/28 - Regular Schedule
Thursday 6/29 (Pags) - ****Regular Schedule PLUS 9:30AM Class option to do the Hero Workout (8:45 Spin hybrid as usual)
Friday - Regular Schedule
Saturday 7/1 - FINALE 9AM! Stay tuned for details regarding our finale!!!
Saturday 7/1 - Send Off for Ike Nawa after class. More details to come!
And don’t forget to sign up for a t-shirt at the front desk. Design shown below (thank you Matthew Jackson!!)


Happy Valentine’s Day, CFers!

6:30 PM Functional Fitness for Runners - continues TONIGHT!
Are you a runner, or do you want to become a runner!  Check out our great new partnership with A Running Start!  Don’t be scared by the “run-centric” aspect of this class.  Come on out and give it a try, learn what it’s all about, and see how it may benefit you.  This 6:30 PM time slot is something that has been requested by CFers, so we’re hoping it’s well utilized!
The CrossFit Open will take place from Feb 23 - Mar 27.  If you want to register (gives you access to website to see how you’re ranked among others nationally), visit https://games.crossfit.com/.
It’s not required to register online - you can still do the workouts at Corps Fitness during the times we’ll set up.  Corps Fitness does not get anything for you registering; it’s a personal thing if you want to.
We WILL need judges for the workouts - the judges course is available online.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it appears to be open and ready at any point (and a good way for XF to make $10 a pop…).  No doubt it’s a good way to learn the movements and what IS vs ISN’T a rep in CrossFit.  We’ll gather a list of all who take the judges course and can then score workouts when they come up.  If you take and pass the course, please email Gretchen to let her know.  We’re looking into adding times immediately after and possibly immediately before regularly scheduled classes, but we need to know how many people we have to plan it all out.

The All Out In Berks is changing over to a PURELY CrossFit competition this year.  Workouts have been announced - check the link for more info, and recruit some friends to partake!

Ongoing Open Gym Times
Open gym times are continuing thanks to our PSU student trainers!
We have added Mon-Fri 6:30am -1pm and 6:30pm-7:30pm,
Sat 10:30-11:30am
Sunday 9:30-10:30am

Personal Training

Our very own Jay V is now a certified personal trainer!  Check out the info above for a great opportunity for someone looking to get started on a fitness journey….or for someone looking to achieve specific fitness goals!

CF Market

Michelle’s kimchi is in the house!!  Sign up and purchase a quart today!

AND…we have Raw Honey!!!
Fellow CFer Emily Bundy brings to us raw honey from her family business, The Honey Bee Tree. There are delicious and beautifully packaged jars of honey for sale in the cafe (and information as well).
Why honey, and why RAW honey? Raw honey is unprocessed, pure, unpasteurized which helps to retain all its natural vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. Additionally, honey is a good source of anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties!

Check out the display in the Cafe. Purchases can be made at the front desk. Thanks Michelle and Emily Bundy for bringing these delicious items to CF!!

Even MORE Talented CFers
Also, did you know CFer Nancy is newly into the knitting business?  Knits by Nance is open to orders for these awesome beanies!  Let her know if you’re interested - $20, any color!


Stop by CF after the Call to Action Challenge this Saturday to grab some sweet deals on CF gear!

Shaker Bottles  $10.00
CF Mugs $8.00 each,  2/$15.00
CTA Pags Long Sleeve Shirts $10.00**(Limited Quantity)
Miles for Mike Long Sleeve Shirts  $20.00, **$10.00 goes back to Mike Lawrence Foundation**(Limited Quantity)
CF Tshirts-$10.00     2/$15.00


If Target is doing it, then so are we!  Stores are getting ready for the Fall and Back to School, and we need to make way for some cool new Fall/Winter apparel and gear too!


We are having a Flash Sale beginning Thursday, July 28th at 6:30AM and ending Monday, 8/1 at 6:30PM.


All items are at 50% off, which is equal to an $11.00 sale price.

OR, you can mix and match to purchase 2 items for $20.00!

The weather is hot, but those deals are even HOTTER!  Get them before they run out!


A few updates for ya as you’re getting your corned beef’n cabbage and green beer today:

image credit: 8womendram.com

REMINDER: Sunday morning class 3/20 will be held at 9:30 am!  Back to regular schedule 3/27.

Spin on Thursday nights at 5:30 with Mike Vecchio, starting today!
Spin 9:30 AM 3/19 – Jenn Q
As cycling season is beginning to ramp up, our spin / krank classes are a great opportunity to get those base miles in before the first race or big ride of the year!
Regular spin / krank schedule:
– Tuesdays 9:30 AM with Aimee
– Wednesdays 6:00 PM with Lisa
– Thursdays 5:30 PM with Mike
– Saturdays 9:30 AM with rotating instructors (exceptions will be noted in blog updates)

NO Intro to CrossFit class with Eddie on Saturday at 9:45.  All CrossFit intro classes are temporarily postponed until further notice as we evaluate the schedule.
Next Intro to Corps Fitness class will be Saturday 3/26 at 9:45 AM

Need a little motivation with your morning cup of joe?  Corps Fitness coffee mugs just arrived!

Limited shaker bottles and apparel are still available – stop by the desk / display!

16.4 to be released today!  What will it be?  I’ve heard guesses for pistols.  Maybe reps for time?  Haven’t done box jumps yet either!

Details coming soon, but stay tuned for a 5-week Obstacle Course Training class with Van!  Classes will be held Thursday nights at 6:30PM from April 7th - May 5thYou do NOT have to be a Corps Fitness member to join in these classes!  More detailed information coming… including pricing.  Sign Up sheets will be at front desk in the next couple of weeks.
*We are requiring a minimum of 8 participants in the session to make this happen.*

Friday 5:30 – John
Sunday 9:30 AM – Gretchen
Sunday 9:30 AM – Owen (open time and CrossFit skills)

Tunnel of Pain races last week to finish the Teleflex workout…

…and the exhausted aftermath


Next Intro to CrossFit class will be Saturday 3/5 at 9:45 AM
Next Intro to Corps Fitness class will be Saturday 3/12 at 9:45 AM

Spin / Krank with Jenn 3/5 at 9:30 AM

New CF shaker bottles are in and ready for sale!  $15.00 while they last!
New apparel is still available - stop by the desk / display to check it out

Friday 5:30 PM - Chris (*Tom Kaag Memorial Workout*)
Sunday 8:30 AM - Gretchen
Sunday 9:30 AM - Owen (open time and CrossFit skills)

CROSSFIT OPEN - OPEN GYM TIMES (*subject to change*)
Fridays 6:30-8:00 PM
Saturdays 10:30-11:30 AM
Sundays 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Mondays 4:30 - 5:20 PM, 6:30-7:30 PM
The following is a list of judges that will be available: Eddie, Emily, Sarah, Will, Owen, Amanda, Gretchen, Eric, Craig, Karen

If you want to do the open workouts but don’t want to “officially” sign up with CrossFit, that is awesome as well!  The score sheet is posted on the white board - feel free to update with your 16.2 and future scores, regardless of registration in the online Open.  In this case, you don’t need an official judge, but can ask one if you want!  Never hurts to have a little more critique on your form, etc.

Remember, you are responsible for securing your judge, showing up and being ready to go at the prearranged time!  Also for submitting your own scores by 8 PM every Monday!


WE ARE Corps Fitness!  Not only in Bldg 7, but everywhere we go.  What better way to represent CF in your every day than with awesome new gear!!  Remember, everywhere you go (especially when wearing CF gear), you are representing our values and who we are to the outside world!  Make sure it’s positive!

Tank: $15.00, S-XL (S, M on backorder)
All T-shirts: S-XL $22, 2XL $25
Hoodie: S-XL $30, 2XL $35
Short Sleeve, all T-shirts are same price




We interrupt what we hope is a fantastic weekend for all our CFers with this public service announcement/reminder:

We go outside for warmup. We go outside for workout. Always come prepared for the cold. Gloves. Hats. Layers.

Consider yourself reminded. Continue on with the rest of your fantastic weekend.


If you didn’t read the newsletter, here’s a simple and sweet condensed version of what you need to know THIS week….

Hero Week is a-comin’….New focus this year. Badass t-shirts and sweatshirts as always. Sign up for this awesome week starts today.
*Punchcard members: $125 for the week includes T-shirt
OR $135 for the week incl. sweatshirt
*Unlimited members: $25 if you want a t-shirt
$35 if you want a sweatshirt
***Must sign up on clipboard at front desk to purchase
t-shirt/sweatshirt. Picture of shirt is coming….or see it at the gym.

COLLEGE students…home for a few weeks? $70 1 month unlimited plan is available. Must show college ID to purchase.

Taking a shower at the gym and don’t want to worry about a towel? No worries…we will now have bath towels and hand towels available for a $1.00 rental fee. See front desk….

AND another cool Corps Fitness shirt is available….check it out below. New apparel style, and super-sweet new logo design. Pre-orders only….taking orders at front desk now. Get yours!

Don’t forget: ONE class only on Thursday 12/24 at 9:00AM.
Gym CLOSED Friday 12/25….Ho, ho, ho, and fa, la, la, la, la.
HERO WEEK starts Sat. 12/26!


We are going to have a Flash Holiday Sale beginning Tuesday 12/08/15 5:30am until Wednesday 12/09/15 10:00am…. This sale will give the clients an opportunity to get some Corps Fitness gear for the Christmas Holiday.  We will be offering a 10% off on the merchandise during this time only…the 10% will NOT be given after 10am on Wednesday  12/09/15.  Any order placed after the 10am cutoff will not be guaranteed for the holidays..

Mens Grey Laced Hoodie - $30.00 (10%)= $27.00

Ladies Grey Zip Hoodie- $25.00 (10%)= $22.50

Black Unisex Hoodies- $25.00 (10%)= $22.50

Black Long Sleeve Shirts(Men/Ladies) =$15.00 (10%)= $13.50

Black Short Sleeve Shirts(Men/Ladies)-$15.00 (10%)= $13.50

Black Skull Cap - $15.00 (10%)= $13.50