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Corps Fitness Class Descriptions

 All classes, regardless of type, are suited for All Abilities .

 Corps Fitness promotes the philosophies of Respect, Accountability and Teamwork. Therefore, every participant in a class helps other CF classmates to get the job done….from beginning fitness levels to advanced fitness levels, all members work as a TEAM to push through a workout. For those starting brand new to Corps, mentors will help you navigate the format of a class and help with demonstration of proper form and technique of exercises, but truly everyone is ACCOUNTABLE to one another in giving maximum effort and correctly executing exercises.

 RESPECT of one another’s abilities is vital to the success of a Corps Fitness class. Everyone starts somewhere on the fitness scale, and we welcome ALL to start with Corps Fitness. But because we are All Abilities in every class, scaling distances or scaling prescribed repetitions is not only OK, but it is also encouraged. Scaled options are always presented by the instructors in class, and we encourage those who need it, to take the scaled options.   But remember, scaling is not an “Out” for you to cut corners or to altogether skip an exercise because it is deemed too difficult. Scaling is so that everyone in attendance can work together. An important motto to always remember is: “Everyone starts together, and everyone finishes together”.

 The philosophies of Respect, Accountability and Teamwork are the foundations that make Corps Fitness an exceptional fitness facility that will help you grow to your maximum fitness potential.

Corps Fitness (CF)

Our class structure is based upon simple yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity relative to ability level. These workouts deliver time-tested measurable health and fitness improvements. This technology delivers the most effective broad-based fitness results in the most efficient manner possible. A Corps Fitness class relies on group energy, community, and often teamwork (a Corps Fitness class is always a group fitness experience). Corps Fitness classes include a diverse array of exercises and athleticism throughout the hour class. See our schedule page for more details on class times and locations.

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CrossFit (XF)

CrossFit classes follow the CrossFit protocol. CrossFit workouts (or WODs, Workout of the Day) emphasize skill development in three major areas: Olympic Lifting (deadlift, presses, cleans, and snatches), Bodyweight exercises (pullups, pushups, rings, box jumps, etc.), and Monostructural/Cardio (running, rowing, biking, etc.).

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Visit our Spin/Krank page for more information.

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Inclusive Fitness

Visit our inclusive Fitness page for more information.

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