Get those registrations in ASAP!!  Any and all 4-person teams welcome.  Trish the Dish is looking for a team if anyone has 3 and needs 1 more!

Our halloween party is tomorrow after the FNL workout.  Theme is TV / Movie characters.  Come enjoy the party and the outside of class socialization with your favorite CFers!

Next Intro class will be November 9th at 9:45 AM

Weekend instructors:

  • FNL - Matt D + Halloween Party!
  • Sunday 8 AM - Matt D
  • Sunday 1 PM - John
Our sweet new entrance!

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and think “I’ve been doing this long enough, I know what I’m doing” and then along comes a new exercise or workout format or we’re having a rough day, and all of the sudden we’re feel like we’re back to square one.  Don’t get discouraged - pick yourself up and get back on the horse!

On the flip side if you’re bored or not getting sore from the workouts any longer (as if anyone would even admit to that…), maybe the reason is that you’ve become complacent and stopped pushing yourself hard enough!  Just think back to your first time through the doors at CF… you were welcomed to the group and earned your spot by pushing yourself and being accountable to your team.  Keep that spirit alive and welcome today’s newbies in the same way!

A new crop of beginners attended Saturday’s intro class!

…to choose what you’re bringing to Friday’s Halloween party!  Matt D channeled his inner creative monster to create a skeleton with various bones assigned to party items (desserts, appetizers, etc).  Please pick a bone and let us know what you’re bringing.  Also please let us know (you can comment here or write on the skeleton white board) who’s attending so we can prepare for the numbers.  It’s sure to be a good time after the FNL workout,and remember the theme: TV / Movie Character!


What animal track is that?
Full extension, bell trails hands, at top of KBOH Swing

Fitzy’s run is a great annual event put on by CFer Mike Fitzgerald.  It’s a fun run for the family and a great community event benefiting Lauren’s Foundation.  Find out more here or register day of!  There is also a silent auction, costume contest, and a health services fair.  The event begins at a new location this year: the Stone House Park in Wyomissing.

1. Intro to Corps Fitness class this Saturday at 9:45 AM.  Free to anyone who hasn’t tried CF and wants to see what it’s all about.

2. Remember the registration deadline for the Blue Marsh Call 2 Action Challenge is next Friday, November 1st.  Get your 4-person team together and submit your registration today!

3. The annual Corps Fitness Halloween Extravaganza will be post-FNL (Friday Night Lights) workout on Friday November 1st.  The theme is TV/Movie Characters.  Be creative!  And you can even work out in your costume.  You know, if you’re into that…

4. November 2 and 3 will be the Oh My! October Test Out Dates.  Remember that personal challenge you started at the beginning of October?  Well it’s time to see how you did!

5. Weekend instructors:

  • FNL - Van
  • Sunday 8 AM - Gretchen
  • Sunday 1 PM - Van

If Ron Burgundy was into working out (which I don’t think he is), I’m sure he would agree that form is key.  Any time you are moving a weight, remember to maintain your form.  Even if it’s during workout set up or clean up.  It’s all about functional movement - the movements you do during the ‘work period’ of class prepare you for these other everyday movements!

Super box jumps all around!
The progression of K2E: Back swing (left), knees move forward (middle), knees to elbows (right).
Perfect finish for any overhead movement. Head is neutral, arms fully extended overhead, core is tight, and weight is in line with the midline. No flexion or extension of the trunk… Jackson gets some raisin pie!

Awesome getting ready to move into scarecrow position, and Ed is a little closer.

Do you prefer solo or team sports?  Studies suggest that group workouts may be the way to go.  CF is unique in providing the best of both worlds: everyone is accountable to the team, but it’s also very much on the individual to push herself / himself to get the most out of every workout.  The individual effort and group camaraderie combine to provide the best of both worlds!

You can read more about group vs solo fitness here, here and here.  Enjoy!