Also remember:
Labor Day, Monday September 3, 9AM Grings Mill Class, all other classes canceled that day!

Sunday September 9: GYM CLOSED (no Sunday Special)

Sunday September 9: IM ABLE Duathlon. Enjoy an exciting, fun-filled morning in Wyomissing. Stop by as participant, volunteer, or spectator! Don’t forget to enter a 6-person Tug-O-War team (email rachel at getupandmove dot org)

Sunday October 7: Kyle Pagerly Memorial 5k. We are organizing a BIG turnout of CFers for the race…get signed up today, and wear a CF Black shirt. Please tell your family and friends. Challenging 5k course starting in Shillington Park.

630am CrossFitters doing that Xfit thing.
3 rds
21Hang Power Snatch
at’ll fetch you ’round!

Though we refer to them as “lifts”…the weightlifting component mostly is about “accelerating” weights. And that starts with being able to pull…not with the elbows and shoulders…but pull from the hip.

Nice set up.
Shoulders, elbows stay loose…waiting for the hips to come through (pull)

Wagon Wheel.
Wagon Weel.
Wagon Wheel.
Wagon Weel.
That’s some serious Corps Fitness…no joke.

Levitation…more difficult than slamming it.

Sept. 9: IM ABLE Duathlon. A fun morning out in the community. Participate, help out, or spectate & cheer on the athletes!

Oct. 7: Kyle Pagerly 5k. 2nd year. We are looking for a big turnout from CFers…mark your calendar, get your black-shirt on and get in the 5k (please pre-register online or mail-in). You can help too by promoting the race on FB or other social networking.

“In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.”

“Don’t count the days- make the days count.”

“Every day you spend drifting away from your goals is a waste not only of that day, but also of the additional day it takes to regain lost ground.” -R. Marston

And the ever popular:

“Someday is not a day of the week.”

If it isn’t the big smile or spontaneous “Ickey Shuffle” that brightens the gym…then it’s the rock solid plank pushups, dynamite squats, and PULL UPS. Marissa, word on the street is you’re celebrating a birthday? What’s your 2 best secrets to share with CFers to bang out classes like you do?

Enjoy a happy birthday!


For the moment forget a few large corporations owning the world’s food supply (think eating “organic” is all cozy and local/mom&pop? look who owns organic…)

For the moment forget the efforts to undermine self-determination by not being truthful in labeling (true, if it’s got a label it ain’t food, but still…do they have to spend that much just to say that they won’t say they use GMO ingredients?)

Now, would you believe that GMOs might be making us fat?
“Over the course of 90 days, the rats on the GM-corn diet grew fatter and consumed more food than the rats on the non-GM diet.”
“Fish eating GM corn grew faster, and they ate more, than fish eating non-GM corn.”
” All the genes from the GM food that rats and salmon ate were later detected in their blood. A common argument among biotech companies is that any new genes are destroyed in the intestines when you eat GM foods, but that’s not true according to this study.”


On a less controversial note (possibly), HERO WEEK shirts are in!!

Please only take a shirt when you are checked off the list. And please only take the size listed on the list!


12 exercises. You pick 10. You place them. Sometimes it turns out so wrong…but that seemed to be ok.
End: Team AMRAP
a) 3 Getup, 5 T2B, 7 Pushup
b) 3 Clean, 5 Bicycle Cr, 7 Dip
Winners: 200m/10 Rocket Jumps; Non-winners: BC/CW

*Bravo to the set up positions on those Cleans.