• A Day to Remember

    A Day to Remember

    Thank you to all who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice.  CFers started the morning with a great cadence run, including SSgt. Brian Flannery leading part of the cadence.  Then we did our own hero workout this morning to pay our respects on this Memorial Day.  Each section of today’s workout represented those killed in action and included carrying the weight of their loss in some way: Weighted 150 or 200 m run while others did weighted lunge or quick step.  End activity was a 5-minute plank, and NO ONE dropped!!  Thank you all for coming out and sacrificing a little of yourself to pay homage to those we have lost.

    Especially missing our own on this day: RIP Kyle Pagerly, US Army, SSgt. Sean M Flannery, US Army, Sgt. Tom Kaag, USMC, and Maj. Don Kaag, USMC.

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