• Thursday Updates – Listen Up!

    Thursday Updates - Listen Up!

    1. Saturday class this week is NORMAL TIME: 8:30-9:30 AM **(NOT 7 AM as previously stated)**

    2. Open house this Saturday 8-noon.  Bring your friends! See this newsletter for more information

    3. Monday - Memorial Day Schedule:

    • Cadence run at 8 AM, meeting at the Wyomissing pool.  Cadence run is an out and back approximately 3 miles average 9-10 minute mile pace. Starting as a group finishing as a group. The abilities of the group will determine the pace
    • All Abilities Class at CF at 9 AM. All other classes cancelled for holiday

    4. Weekend instructors: FNL - Gretchen / Sunday 8 AM - Ed / Sunday 1 PM - Gretchen

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