Meet your neighbor circuit: Handwalk, Wtd Sit up, ModPlank, Kips, Crunch, Mtn Climbers, ACS, B&TLying JJ, Ren Row, Lunge/Press

Challenge of the Day: Egg-timer fitness (btw, want some bacon with those eggs?)!
2x: 90 sec max reps OH Swing (big 12 o’cl0ck finish…well done!

Black Shirts show on a White Snowy Day!
Takin’ some hardware!
Sunday Special: Corps Fitness Gone Bad

We’re very proud of the outside efforts of all CFers! Thanks for putting high-intensity functional fitness to the test…and showing proof in the pudding in all you do!

Overheard at CF: “The only cure for mental anguish is physical pain.”

Deputy Kyle Pagerly created a “21-Gun Salute 5K” for the Berks County Honor Guard, which honors fallen law enforcement officers. Kyle’s inaugural 5K event was slated for October 16th, 2011 in Shillington Park. Tragically, Kyle was killed in the line of duty on June 29th, 2011. To honor his memory & wishes, this 5K, now the Kyle Pagerly 5K Memorial Run, went off as planned. Over 700 participants showed up to remember and pay tribute to Kyle’s life.  Though our hearts are still heavy with sadness, no doubt we take comfort knowing Kyle’s strength of character created a path…a path for our own lives, to be service-oriented, to live enthusiastically, and to take on the world with that “get to” attitude. If you haven’t had the chance today, take a moment to send some positive thoughts to Kyle, Alecia and the entire Pagerly family.

Black Shirts out in force. First, a heartfelt thank you everyone who made baked-goods. The response was overwhelming. You should know that your selfless contribution helped make the event a success.

Secondly, the CF Registration volunteers need a special shout-out! At the last minute, CFers stepped up, woke early, and helped with registering over 700 runners on race day! It’s humbling to be able to rely on people who constantly put others, put community, put commitment before self. You are remarkable!

Lastly, you check results here.

Why’s it called the Attitude Adjustment? There is no stepping out…there is no balking at the pain…there is no one who escapes…absolutely brilliant execution folks! The definition of CrossFit!


If you see these folks who pushed through 3 nights of CrossFit pain, give them a shout-out.

Sunday CFer shout out…do you love CF? 

Chilly tribute event put on by the Friends of Kyle Pagerly…very well done everyone!
Sunday Special…Corps Fitness circuit
Bicycle Cr, ACP, Flutter Kick, PullUps, Skater, MB Twist, Jack Webbs, ACS, Mod Plank, MB Thruster
End: Triple Threat 4 min B&T/BC Drill

No, not the 80’s aerobics TV show.
The CF AMRAP version
AMRAP 5 min (2x each)
A) 5 Clean/Jerk, 7 Pushup, 90m Sprint
B) 3 Manmakers, 5 Box Jump, 7 Swing
Excellent opportunity to work on form for the Fall Contest. If this crew is an indication, there’s gonna be some serious competition…nary a “No Rep” to be seen. Well done!

Pic 1: Clean-bar close to body, hip drive moves weight, elbows break last. She will simply then drive elbows forward under bar and catch it in a partial squat. Easy. Push Press…this is the split second from the bottom of the dip to the drive. Great lines, notice how the weight stays high on the chest. Fight the tendency to dip and drop the weight and chest forward.
Pic 2: Plank in a pushup. Straight as a board.
Pic 3: 12 o’clock on swings, locked out.

Want to put your CF conditioning to some tests, especially the M/W CrossFit? Then check out the CrossFit Berks Fall Contest, sign up on the whiteboard. Fun and challenging way to gauge your progess.

First, Update: Don’t forget there’s an incentive on the Incentive page open until 5pm tonight!

Then…A few of you suggested this Sunday CFer, so we’ll give it up for Melissa on Friday (since she’s an AM gal). In our book, she’s a “solid.” High intensity, perfect form, team player, wearin’ the badge…when she started she said “I just want to be able to do 1 pushup.” OK, which turned into “lose this many pounds, build this much muscle” which turned into “do this many pullups”…an awesome competitor! Never missed a Hero Week…that says it all about this CFer. Read on…

CF is the perfect fit for me for a few reasons: I do 2 crossfit classes a week and they are THE perfect compliment to my running that I do also at least twice to 3 times a week.  And, I’m super competitive, so these types of classes allow me to compete with myself and what I’ve previously done in workouts in terms of weight, how many consecutive pull-ups, etc.  There’s always faster, longer(endurance), heavier you can go…And, they are functional movements.  I try my darndest to remember my form despite how fatigued I might be feeling, and I find that this benefits my overall well-being.  I carry those basic form ideals to things I do in my everyday life and as a result, I can’t complain of any injuries or ailments.  I feel great, and I definitely can attribute that to paying attention to form.  Plus, cheaters never win, so to skimp out on things like not getting your butt below parallel or not fully extended plank on a bends and thrust is not going to do me any good.

And then, to throw in a class of traditional CF-style classes is awesome because you never know what you’re going to get, so it’s NEVER dull!!!  I have been to many, many different fitness joints and many different kinds of group fitness classes, and truthfully, none compare.  As a result of being pretty faithful to my MWF routine of classes, and with the additional impact of the 2 weight loss challenges (and the informational blog posts), I have never been fitter, have never felt better, and would never have expected to participate in many of things I’ve done since starting at CF. (1/2 marathons, duathlons,etc.)

One thing I HATE (but not really) is wall ball!!!!  But, give me slam ball any day!

Most memorable is pretty much the Hero Weeks, collectively.  I’ve participated in them all since the get-go, so I love the way they’ve grown.  And each one of them have such great examples of people digging deep and putting the nose to the grindstone.  It’s just classic CF and extremely indicative of the people who attend, which leads me to my last comment about CF and then I”ll shut up.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the quality of people who come to CF.  I’m not really great at words, so I’m not even going to try to put it into words…I’ll just leave it at that!