September 18, 2011

Sunday CFers: 20-minute Workout

No, not the 80’s aerobics TV show.
The CF AMRAP version
AMRAP 5 min (2x each)
A) 5 Clean/Jerk, 7 Pushup, 90m Sprint
B) 3 Manmakers, 5 Box Jump, 7 Swing
Excellent opportunity to work on form for the Fall Contest. If this crew is an indication, there’s gonna be some serious competition…nary a “No Rep” to be seen. Well done!

Pic 1: Clean–bar close to body, hip drive moves weight, elbows break last. She will simply then drive elbows forward under bar and catch it in a partial squat. Easy. Push Press…this is the split second from the bottom of the dip to the drive. Great lines, notice how the weight stays high on the chest. Fight the tendency to dip and drop the weight and chest forward.
Pic 2: Plank in a pushup. Straight as a board.
Pic 3: 12 o’clock on swings, locked out.

Want to put your CF conditioning to some tests, especially the M/W CrossFit? Then check out the CrossFit Berks Fall Contest, sign up on the whiteboard. Fun and challenging way to gauge your progess.


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