Let’s do Sunday CFer Shout Out today. This guy’s first class was Fight Gone Bad…and he came back the next day! (sorry, these are the only “before” pics we could find). From steppin’ out of warm-ups and barely hangin’ on…

…to 20lb weight vest pullups and first one out the door!

A success story-unleashing the athlete that’s in there…execution of diet and intensity!  If you’re trying to rip those last 10-15 lbs, or lose that last coating of fat covering those lean, veiny muscles, Ed may be a good resource; whatever he’s been doing, it shredded him down…great work Ed and thanks for everything you bring to CF!

Friday Workout
Buy In/Cash Out:
Mod Rope Heave, Box Jump, Lmbrjk: Shoulder PU
Slides, Push Press, MB Twist: StagLeg Squat
JM Row, JJ2BT, TraceBox: 15 Bicycle Cr.

End: Beloved (and old school) Bear Crawl Drill

Speed on the bell (or bar) during SDHP.

Every second counts, but sometimes you just gotta do some thinkin’ time over the bar.

 Mini-Collin left its mark!
4 rds
Wtd 400m run
12 Push Press
12 Box Jumps

A perfect pre-Hero Week primer of form…Push, Pull, Jump, Run! Low reps encouraged HIGH INTENSITY…18-20 minutes of chaos! Excellent work by those in attendance. Sorry I didn’t have the good camera b/c you put on a clinic in virtuosity!

Remember, last day to sign up for HERO WEEK is AUG 8. EVERYONE is encouraged to get in on it!

If you are unsure what the WODs are, what exercises they entail, if you can do them all or need some remediation…here’s a short description of each. If you like to be surprised for Hero Week, then read no further!!!!!!!
Remember, every WOD is scalable with substitutions based on ability!

M Daniel: Pullups, Thrusters, Run
T Blake: Lunge, Box Jump, Wall Ball, Handstand Pushups
W Mr. Joshua: Deadlift, Glute Ham Sit Up, Run
R Helton: Squat Clean, Burpee, Run
F Jack: Push Press, Swing, Box Jump
S Keystone Wounded Warrior Donation AMRAP & Post Workout Social with Refreshments
Su Hero Week Finale to honor Pags (think maybe there’ll be some pullups?)

“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”   -J. Rohn
Results! The journey of Eric…from 268 to 183…An accomplishment that deserves recognition!

“Overall I have lost approximately 85 pounds. The first 50 I lost pretty much by just working out at Corps Fitness. For the first year and a half I was usually the last one done a workout. Definitely the slowest runner. I have allergy-asthma issues that I always used as an excuse. As my diet got better and I started to lose weight I found that I was not the last one done a workout and that I started keeping up with the group when we would run. I assumed that it was just easier because I was not carrying around that extra weight. Then we did a challenge where we did dead lifts and burpees. And my time got better. And the reason it was better was because the second time we tested I was able to do each burpee fast and continuous and in 4 breaths. The difference was my breathing and my heart rate. I was able to push past the point where I would normally get dizzy and lightheaded and find a place where I was consistent and calm in a way. This has rolled over into other exercises that I always had a problem with such as double unders. When we did the double under challenge I did 50 in 2 minutes getting 17 in a row. Last week during class I was able to do 30 in a row then today during class I did 35 in a row. It’s all heart rate and breathing which I now have better control over. ”

“The first major dietary change was avoiding food that will spike my insulin. I started eating foods with a low glycemic index such as beans and cottage cheese along with lean protein and tons of vegetables. The food I avoided were breads, pastas, flour and anything with sugar. Basically the white stuff. I also stopped buying food in a box. So I got away from processed foods. I followed a diet in a book called the 4 hour body. In this book the author describes a “slow carb” diet. Recently with guidance from coach Sam S. I have taken my nutrition to the next level and completely eliminated dairy from my diet and now follow the “paleo” diet which has really increased my performance during workouts. I dislike using the term “I’m on a diet”. For me if you tell me I can’t have something I want 6 of them. Then what do you do when you are done the “diet”, go back to pizza and French fries? I try to see it now as nutrition and a lifestyle change in the way I consume food. The last 7 months as I have tried different ways of eating I have learned what works and what does not work for me. I do not know which “diet” I will follow. I do know that the food I consume affects my mood, my workouts, my performance, my stamina, my energy level, my recovery time and just about every area of my life.”

“Eating right and having less weight to carry around Corps Fitness has had a synergistic affect on my workouts, performance and recovery. I am able to do more reps with more weight in less time, or push it for the whole 30 seconds or for the whole amrap. By being able to work harder I feel I burn more calories which has me dropping more fat. Then by eating right my hormones are balanced and I have built more muscle. My recovery time has also improved. I currently workout 3 days on 1 day off. Corps Fitness work outs have not gotten easier I just feel like I’m going to die less often.”

No…Benchmark #5. But looks like it made “12 Days” proud. An apt Hero Week warm up (oh, it’s gonna be hot!).

Benchmark #5A
6 rds:
10 Pullups
10 Box Jumps
10 HP
10 B&T
10 Wall Ball
10 Pushups
Run 400m

Selfless Loyalty has been the theme in all the comments about Pags.

Alhough we all knew he was the best athlete in the gym, we didn’t know how we knew because he carried a simple, quiet confidence. Finishing first, finishing fastest, getting his name on the whiteboard were secondary to the “experience” of Corps Fitness. In fact, to know Pags at CF is to know that the group efforts, where he could Selflessly commit his energy to a cause greater than himself, are what motivated him.
And whether Sunday Specials, Hero Weeks, Incentives, Holiday Workouts, or any other CF events, he was there, Loyal, and ready to go! Pags is a true CFer (video).

All week long you can contribute some $$ to the Pags Fund bucket…CF will then cut a check to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund. We start off, today, at 7AM with a big 4th of July Workout!

Also, sign up for the Survive the Smoker Incentive…spots are filling fast (consider it unfinished business)!

Great job as RD, Mags! You put on another fine RU ABLE? 5k. CFers, thanks for supporting the event!

Other news and notes:

1) If you are interested in the ML Squad Leader Special Edition shirt, contact Dan or Maggie.
2) Sunday Special posted for 6/26 (see Sunday Special page).
3) Mark your calendars…summer Hero Week on the horizon (August 15-21). For this HW, our efforts will support Keystone Wounded Warriors. Of course, more details to come!

CFers at the Gary W Redner Memorial 5k. Proceeds benefit Crime Alert Berks County and the American Cancer Society.  A great turnout, a very well run event. Best wishes to dear friends of CF, the Redners.

Adam Brown

CrossFit Hero WOD
24 DL, 24 Box Jumps, 24 Wall Ball, 24 Bench Press, 24 Box Jumps, 24 Wall Ball, 24 Cleans (for time)

Completed in CF Team fashion (groups of 3 rotate exercises on 24 Box Jumps)

Special Sunday Hero WOD
Special Sunday Visitors (not just Leibo, RT/KT, but….Sam S!)

Memorial Day (Monday) CF Schedule:
8am Cadence Run (park Wyo Pool)
9am Combined Class: Hero WOD MURPH (gym)

Way to go, Pullers! A wild, whacky few weeks! And this April Aspirations Incentive is over. Ending in true CF fashion.

Most Valuable Puller (female) goes to Ktri for banking 2 with 10 pullups (awesome…6 weeks ago she was at 1 maybe chin over bar. Exactly what this thing is all about!).

Most Valuable Puller (male) goes to Leibo.  Shows up in street clothes. Late. On the last day. He posts 29 CHEST-TO-BAR pullups…only to find out he never even signed up in the first place! So did he bank 29….phreak?!

Here are some pics in vid. Final results from Pull Up Club and Sunday Special Complete Athlete posted on whiteboard.

Important Notice: Sunday Special for today (May 8, 3p) Cancelled.


Have a fit, fun, family Mother’s Day…to all the CF bad mommas who bring it every day!