at CF you gotta be everything to everyone.

Complete Athlete Installment #1:
Warm up rounds (DL, Kips, Step ups, ACP, Swing, Ladder/Hop, Wtd Sit up, Mtn Climbers)
Measures: GTOH (Ground to Overhead/Anyhow), 8Ct., 40m Hill Sprint, Box Jump, Ladder 2in/2out, 800m run
Excellent work folks…strength, power, speed, agility, endurance. See you next time! (a wicked badge was earned!)

Left Coast workout that was sooooo Right! Thanks to Coach Chris E for leading an excellent workout.
1) WarmUp (10 Pullups, 10KTE, 10 Squat, 10 Oly Crawl)
2) DL Skills (5-5-5-3-3)
3) WOD: 5rds
15 Wtd Squat, 10 Box Jump, 5 GI Janes (chin up with burpee…or…Chirpee), 200m run

Pick from a hopper of yellow signs…circle up unawares…

3hurdle drill, JJ2B/T, Hot Seat/Sun Gods, Plank, Squat Jump, ACP, 8ct, JM Rows, Crossover Abs, Flutter Kicks
(not picked: arm haulers, toe tap, back ext., crabwalk, hello dolly…)

Pull Up Progressions:
Bottom of Kip: Punch through
Top: KTE roll
Middle: Punch through & Float
Full: Kips!

Another successful go-’round! Run/Lunge-Push Press
SDHP/Ring Row
TGU (top)/Thrusts
(move on Run)
Note (order of pics): triple extension, chest/chin to ground PUs, KBs in rack, 12 o’clock OH swing, KB deep in hands.

Set 1: Jump PU, Lying JJ, Pikes
Set 2: Wall Ball, Good Mrng, Inchworm
Set 3: Quick Step/Suitcase Squat, Bear Crawl, Crunch
(Run 200m between sets…ah, good to be outside again)
2 rds

Special thank you to Dr. Dave Leader of Optihealth for his lecture and Optimaxx samples!

Reminder: Sunday 2/13 Bloody Kettlebell Sunday Special 3pm; 4HB discussion 4pm.

Skills: Rack, Presses, Windmill
Rounds: Gladiator Press, Plank, SDHP, Lunge, Swing, Step Over, True Pull Snatch, KTE
Skills: Snatch