October 16, 2011

Sunday CFers: Pham Club

Deputy Kyle Pagerly created a “21-Gun Salute 5K” for the Berks County Honor Guard, which honors fallen law enforcement officers. Kyle’s inaugural 5K event was slated for October 16th, 2011 in Shillington Park. Tragically, Kyle was killed in the line of duty on June 29th, 2011. To honor his memory & wishes, this 5K, now the Kyle Pagerly 5K Memorial Run, went off as planned. Over 700 participants showed up to remember and pay tribute to Kyle’s life.  Though our hearts are still heavy with sadness, no doubt we take comfort knowing Kyle’s strength of character created a path…a path for our own lives, to be service-oriented, to live enthusiastically, and to take on the world with that “get to” attitude. If you haven’t had the chance today, take a moment to send some positive thoughts to Kyle, Alecia and the entire Pagerly family.

Black Shirts out in force. First, a heartfelt thank you everyone who made baked-goods. The response was overwhelming. You should know that your selfless contribution helped make the event a success.

Secondly, the CF Registration volunteers need a special shout-out! At the last minute, CFers stepped up, woke early, and helped with registering over 700 runners on race day! It’s humbling to be able to rely on people who constantly put others, put community, put commitment before self. You are remarkable!

Lastly, you check results here.

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    Wicasa Yatapika October 16, 2011 Reply

    A great big shout out to the organizers, volunteers and participants, a flawlessly run event from start to finish…and as always the CF’ers were out en-mass to support and participate! I heard many CF’ers names being called out at the awards ceremony, awesome job all! May very well be my first and only 5k I will ever run and it was hands down the one I am glad I did! Hah…but never say never you PHREAKS!!

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    DanO October 16, 2011 Reply

    I second those sentiments JJ! Very moved to see literally hundreds of Pagerly shirts at the starting line. A good event to celebrate Pags…but I missed his physical presence today.

    See you all at the upcoming E.D.5.K! Another great cause Johnny- hope you can get “up” for it…

  • chris
    chris October 16, 2011 Reply

    Today was again another testament to the impact Kyle had on our community by the turnout of great people to honor a great man. I know he is proud of the race he put into motion and although he wasn’t seen he was definitely with all of us. Seeing all the people who loved him and who stepped up to do something they might necessarily love doing (JJ (-:) and made the day great was inspiring. Huge props to the Sheriff’s dept, Ken Rice, Keith Neiswender, Matt & Jan, and all the CF’ers who helped made today a success! He’s smiling…

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    Captain Awesome October 16, 2011 Reply

    Great day! A true tribute to Pags as everyone said. Never had as much fun and motivation to run (even a 5K). Thanks to everyone who put all the effort into making this an awesome day.

    After Lauren and I were done, we were back up at the top pavilion and Pags sister-in-law (forgot her name, sorry) saw us and said to Lauren you helped out and won and award, “sounds like something Kyle would do”. It made me smile, because it is so true. He was, and in all of us who knew him still is, a great man. Pags, we miss you.

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