LTF always brings serious determination and high energy!

Age: 30
How’d you hear about it/When did you start?
I had heard about CF from a few people when i moved to berks county, and then Jordan started going in January of 2011. He would come home and ramble on about how challenging and rewarding the workout was. So two weeks later I gained some courage and went on a Wednesday evening. That class kicked my butt, but just like Jordan said, I walked out with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment. Looking back that class changed me, and that was it I was hooked.

Why do you like CF? Or something about why you keep coming back?
I don’t just like CF, I am addicted. I still get that same sense of reward and accomplishment every time I go. I look forward to screaming yeah yeah yeah, the fun energy, the high that you get from pushing yourself, and most of all I love being with the amazing people that go to CF. Its more than a gym, its a great group of friends with the same goal in mind, great physical and mental fitness.

Do you do other activities to stay fit/or what is your general fitness routine?
I have always enjoyed being active, but my favorite thing about CF is that it gives you the strength and fitness to enjoy other workouts too. I just got into triathlons last year, and I am currently training for my first Olympic triathlon. Thus I try to make my workouts balanced; CF 3 times a week, a little swimming, a bit of running, some biking, and yoga to keep me balanced and healthy enough to keep going.

In what ways has CF helped you?
CF has not just helped me, it has truly changed the way I look, feel, and view working out in general. Plus it gave me the encouragement I needed to change my diet. Right around the time of the first weight loss challenge, I found out I have high cholesterol. I wanted to be proactive, and change my diet instead of going straight to medication. And what did you know about 30 people were doing the same thing at CF! So I went on the zone diet, logged my stuff in livestrong, and I have currently lost 14 pounds. Crazy!

Most and least favorite CF exercises?
I know I am going to regret saying this later, but two my favorite cf exercises are bends and thrusts and burpies. Perhaps because I am short, but I just find them fun. Sounds strange I know. When I am having a hard moment at work, or a bad day I do some bends and thrusts and it puts me in a better mood.

Least favorite is not an actual exercise it’s the formation …. Shoelace. No matter how many times Chris and Matt explain it I get the whole thing wrong. You can see me start to sweat when I see thats what we are doing. And I will make people run, sorry. I always feel bad for my partner in shoelace.

What’s a personal challenge you have at CF?
Eventually I want to be able to do pull ups. I’m almost there, working my way down to smaller bands, and practicing my kipping.

Most memorable moment?
I freaking love capture the flag. It is so fun. Plus I absolutely love the tad bit of competitive nature every CFer gets. Looking at me, I don’t think many would peg me as competitive. But get me on a team, and face me against Melissa Hazlett, Mike Kuhn or any other competitive CFer, I will kick some butt. Shout out to my team this year, Kristen Gerhard, Brian Williams and Jordan. Although we didn’t win, I will take my team any day!

Is there something you’d like to see at CF?
I would love to see more of my friends and family at CF. I want to share with so many of my loved ones the joy I get out of CF. I thought the new beginners class was a great place to start. It gives newbies the reassurance that they can get through a class, and a little more attention to do so.

Super-sized hour (btw, 4 yrs ago we had 8 folks at Super Sunday)
Circuit warm up
Pats: 4 rds Run 200m, 10 BxJmp, Run 200m, 10 Clean/Press (3rds, 8 reps scaled)
Giants: 20-15-10 Swing, Pullup, OH Lunge, T2B (15-10-5 scaled)
Raisin Pie: 1 rd

Sign up for CPR Cert (Sunday Feb. 12th)
Benchmark #2 Monday, Tuesday (Feb. 6, 7): La Diabla & 800m

Wtd SU, Lunge, 6ct, TnnlRow, XoverAb, StepPU, BnnyHop, Jack Webbs, SLSqu, DynV, OH SWING.
Cardio: Tabata Spin, Jingle/Jangle, GoblSquat

Sickness goes Viral on the Final Day…thanks for participating!

Athletic circuit to loosen us up for Benchmark “Cindy” on Mon/Tues. And, the weather was just right to get out for some runs!
Spin, Van Pham, GTOH, MBSlide, BallPike, Rev. Lunge, Floor Wiper, SpdrLunge, B&TJump, SDHP, Step Up, Box Drill
Rd1: 800m
Rd2: 600m
Rd 3: 4corners Spin, B&T, Floor Wiper, GTOH + 400m

**Monday & Tuesday “Cindy” Benchmark each class.
***Sign up for “The Sickness”
****Notice: Sat. 9:45am Introductory Class is permanently on the schedule!

Hoov’s a crazy solid at any class. With his background in weightlifting, you can count on good form. And with his background at CF you can count on his intensity…he’ll be at the right place at the right time. Notice he’s dropped some lbs over the years at CF…a while back I asked him he said, “Just eatin’ right and working out hard here”…son of a b—…some good advice! (schoolin’ a 36″box during Blake, I’ll have what he’s having.)

Age: 53

How’d you hear about it/When did you start? In 2005 I used to work with a group of people who were doing CF during their lunch break. I was asked a few times to join them  but did not start until 2009.  

Why do you like CF? Or something about why you keep coming back?  The instructors and the people that attend provide the encouragement, motivation and exercise expertise that allows me to be constantly challenged and keep pushing myself.
Do you do other activities to stay fit/or what is your general fitness routine? I used to do a lot of road biking and weight lifting. Since starting CF I shifted all my exercise time to CF.

Most and least favorite CF exercises? Love any plank exercise, box jumps too. Have some real  issues with Double unders-I really need to practice these!!- a lot.

What’s a personal challenge you have at CF? More attention to proper exercise form. I find myself sacrificing form as I get tired, I need to constantly remind myself to slow down-form first then comes speed.
Most memorable moment(s)? Completing the Blue Marsh challenge, Scorcher, summer Hero week and the dreaded “Murph”  All these events have shown me what is possible and helped me define new bench marks for myself.

Best advice or “saying” for both old guard CFers and new people. Listen to the old guard CFers, there is wisdom in their advice and yes you are never too old to learn something. For new people the first class is the hardest, definitely try more than one class you will be hooked.

Is there another event you’d like to see at CF? Another scorcher event?? Rowing machine exercises?

Thank you CF phreaks!! I am constantly amazed at the people who attend CF, all abilities both young and old. You all have shown there truly is no limitation to what is possible. There are no excuses. CF is definitely different from the typical Gym. This has been said many times but where else can you find great people doing fantastic things. Where else are people sweating, bleeding, laying on the floor totally  exhausted, running in the snow, crawling in the sand and they can’t wait to come back for more.


Warmup: Pose hints
RDL, Lsit, Squat F/R, BC, Rev Leg Ext, Ren Rows, B&T Shuffle, TGU, Alt Swing, Side PushOff
End: 3 person team; Rvg Plank, Thrusts, Sandbag Lunge
Fine, fine work on the running form! Have a great week!