NBC News recently ran a piece on retired NFL player David Vobora, who found meaning and renewed purpose in working with amputees at his gym.  Take a minute to watch the video and soak up the stories of the members, who themselves have found renewed strength after realizing what they can do.  The physical and mental benefits of exercise are indisputable.  But I don’t have to tell CFers that.

We’re fortunate to have the IM ABLE Foundation share our space, so we see firsthand what people with disabilities are capable of.  But you don’t have to be physically disabled to realize the benefits.  Here are a couple stories (keeping names and personal details anonymous) that we’ve heard from CFers over the years, where CF literally saved their lives:

  1. A successful financial trader during the economic collapse in 2008, lost a LOT of money for his clients.  Trading partner committed suicide.  But this guy found CF and dedicated himself 100% to the emotional and physical outlet it provided.  His family and personal life benefited immensely and a few years later, he narrowly escaped a major “widow maker” heart attack.  Credited CF for saving his life yet again; not only was he in tune with his body because of his physical fitness, but he had recently taken a CPR course with us and learned the warning signs / what to watch for.  Despite his physical fitness, he couldn’t escape genetics.  He had a emergency stent placed and has been doing great ever since.  I still get chills when I think about his story.
  2. A successful business owner, grew up in the area and was in and out of trouble, dealing with substance abuse issues.  By his mid 30’s, he was overweight and bogged down in the business but knew he had to make a change.  Came into CF wary of the group classes and with help from Chris, got his weight and nutrition under control.  Went on to lose a significant amount of weight and become a major beast in and out of the gym.  Credited CF with renewing his sense of self and allowing him to keep up with his children in a way he never thought possible.  He continues to be an even more successful business owner and all-around stud.

Your story is likely not on here, but I bet you have one.  Think about how finding Corps Fitness gave you an emotional, physical, and mental outlet.  How it exposed you to an amazing group of people who I bet you now hang out with outside of the gym too!  Isn’t it awesome??  And as a trainer / friend / CF family member, it’s so incredible to hear story after story just like these.  I’m sure there are more stories out there that I haven’t heard and may never hear, and that’s ok.  It’s enough to know that you found Corps Fitness, it means something to you, and it made a difference in your life.  Because THAT is why we do what we do.

Harley Davidson Team Building, December 2016
CrossFit Skills work, January 2017
Teleflex Corps Fitness class, January 2017

To all who told me I would never be the same- I’d like to say you were right- I’m better than before.  Thank you Corps Fitness!

Ten years ago I tore (or rather, destroyed) my ACL in a pole vaulting accident, and I was told “you’ll never be the same.” In a way they were right- I had to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t compete at the State Championships for track, I wouldn’t compete in club gymnastics at Cornell, I wouldn’t spar with the same speed and force at karate, and even small daily tasks like kneeling on the floor would be a constant painful reminder of my fall. What I didn’t realize is how much a major injury and 3 subsequent surgeries can spark mental strength, and was cultivated through a place that has become a 2nd home- Corps Fitness.

Corps Fitness has helped me transform over the past 2.5 years, from feeling resigned to running & swimming as my only true form of exercise with minimal pain to now seeing more possibility through the mantra “improvise, adapt, overcome”. What I love about Corps Fitness is the duality of offerings- Corps Fitness style workouts are varied and help me maintain great conditioning, while CrossFit builds a level of strength I never thought was possible for me. Not to mention- having a gymnastics background, I feel so at home with the CrossFit/gymnastics hybrid exercises. All of the trainers understand the importance of improvising & adapting workouts to each individuals’ ability- which contributes to the sense of community that keeps me coming back for more. It is safe to say I am in the best shape of my life- due in large part to Corps Fitness, but also the mental toughness that results from overcoming an injury. So to all who told me I would never be the same- I’d like to say you were right- I’m better than before. Thank you Corps Fitness!




I would recommend CF to anyone and not just athletes. CF helps you both physically and mentally plus you get to meet some great and motivating people along the way.

16 years student-athlete, Lauren L.

“I have been participating in CF classes since I was 11 or 12 (now 16) but have been going to watch since I was 6. I saw my parents doing it and always wanted to try it myself. I started by doing the warm ups and finally went to my first class and I was hooked.

CF helps me stay in shape and conditioned all year round. I play lacrosse and tennis and CF has helped me realize that I can push myself further then my mind thinks. When I am tired in a match or game, I always know I can find more in me to keep going for myself and my team.

I would recommend CF to anyone and not just athletes. CF helps you both physically and mentally plus you get to meet some great and motivating people along the way. ”

**In the first pic, Lauren is the first on the left, wearing a red dress.


Age for me is not an excuse not to be able to perform difficult moves or move heavy objects. I love going to CF and being a part of an extended family.

I love CF! A friend told me to check out Corps Fitness 6 years ago. I came in to just ask questions, but Chris was there, told me I was ready and join in the class, and the rest is history. Chris is such a great motivator, love him lots, and the instructors are all awesome. Everybody that works out at Corps Fitness is so helpful and supportive. In the time since I started there, I have managed to accomplish big hurdles every year. Even though I don’t love running, I started by doing a few 5Ks. Then I moved on to 10Ks, ran a half marathon in 2014, and in 2015 I also competed in a duathlon using the hand cycle for the bike portion. This year, I competed in All Out in Berks as one of the oldest competitors. I can do pull-ups, rope climbs and many other tough exercises, but I still see room for improvements and more accomplishments….I would love to do a muscle up, and would like to get better at double unders. I do have an injury that holds me back sometimes. I may perform my exercises slower for some things, but I do that so I do not compromise my form. Age for me is not an excuse not to be able to perform difficult moves or move heavy objects. I love going to CF and being a part of an extended family.

I felt welcomed and wanted-I found a second home and family!
My husband and I started coming to Corps Fitness three years ago.  We brought with us a ton of misconceptions about fitness and health, and it showed not only in our physical bodies but also our overall well beings.
After the death of our first son and the adoption of 3 of our kids, the stress was showing on my physical body.  I had gained a significant amount of weight and my health was at risk.
We made the decision that we needed to change.  Not only for ourselves but for our kids.  Our children have significant disabilities and will require our care for the rest of their lives.  We owed it to them-to give them an amazing life despite their limitations.
I walked into Corps Fitness like a scared little girl.  I didn’t look like some of the other people there.  I didn’t know gym lingo, and I certainly couldn’t keep up.  But my fears quickly ended and what could have sent me back home, drew me in deeper and became an inspiration.  I started with small goals-scaled everything to make it work for me.  And it worked! I came through those doors not being able to hold my body weight from the bar, and now pull-ups are no problem.  Rope climbs?  Got it.  Double Unders?  Got it.  8 minute mile.  Got it.  And I just kept checking things off my list of goals.