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    wicasa yatapika October 24, 2011 Reply

    If you take a moment and think about the findings it really should not come as a surprise. There was a time when if you could not hunt it, fish it, or gather it, you didn’t eat it. Protein in the diet ruled the day because it was the easiest food source to come by and the most sustaining. Our DNA is a double-helix of basically protein strands…we are pre-adapted to that diet when we are born. With the progress of agriculture came benefits and problems. Nation building would not have happened without agriculture. But it was also the beginning of processed foods, mainly things like flour and sugar. Processed sugar didn’t even exist on the continent of North America until the Western Europeans landed here. Interestingly of note, things like diabetes, some cancers and obesity were not issues among the populations of Native Peoples, diabetes simply did not exist here. When they were introduced to sugars and alcohols, diabetes, and certain cancers skyrocketed among them, so much so that it became almost epidemic. Their quality of life was changed dramatically when that happened and was further decimated when the bison were slaughtered which was their primary source of lean meat, aka. protein, and then forced to live a lifestyle much like we live today…mostly sedentary…when they were forced to live on reservations. One does not usually need to look too far backwards to see lessons that for some reason we need to keep relearning…humans have a short memory, and corporations have a way of making things that are detrimental to the welfare of peoples, look very inviting…you can now add “fracking” to that list, and the detriment to our lands and environment will very soon become apparent, but not before they get the natural gas out of the ground…and then when the jobs and infrastructure are gone only the people will be left to clean up the mess. Progress has always had a cost and moderation is a word that does not exist in political or corporate dictionaries…we are truly walking the razors edge…

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