October 31, 2011

Monday “Did you know…?” Happy Scary Halloween

“Aren’t you scared you’re gonna hurt yourself doin’ that stuff?”
“I’d be scared I’d get hurt.”

Oooh spooky Halloween Post on the ol’ Scary CF theme.

Yes, we can get hurt and that can be scary.  And we can get hurt picking up the newspaper and sneezing but no one has issues with those.

So the scary reality is this…if you don’t do this stuff you’ll get hurt. We all know the fragile, thready, perpetually injured person who does zero high intensity functional fitness properly. Why we stay relatively injury free (relatively, because sure we get dinged up now and then)? We think, learn. We specialize in not specializing…lifting weights, bodyweight, mobility, speed, agility, explosiveness, endurance, whatever it takes. We make our bodies functionally resilient and able to withstand the varying demands of daily life, sport, recreation, vocation.

How can even we go awry though?
1) From Men in Black, “A person is smart, people are stupid.” Or, none of us are stupider than all of us. The group energy can inhibit good decision-making and lead us to dangerous places. Be sure you know how to execute what you are executing…not just because eveyone else is doing it.
2) Overconfidence. Cart before the horse. Immediate gratification. We think because we can do some of the elements, we can jump directly into the complex movement.

The scariest thing is that the brain has to be on…all the time.
(pic from crossfitlisbeth)

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    gretch October 31, 2011 Reply

    speaking from personal experience, I ate it pretty hard doing box jumps last week and ended up with multiple bruises / lumps on multiple extremities… I can only what kind of shape I would have been in if I wasn’t in good enough shape to catch myself without any serious damage! So yes, you might get hurt, but you could get hurt sleeping so do you avoid that too? The stronger you are, the better you will be able to adapt or compensate if you are hurt. But most importantly, you’re probably less likely to get hurt in the first place.

    Great job to everyone who ran Fitzy’s run! Way to tough it out in the snow. I think Jack D must have skied the course – he was a blur streaming by! PR??

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    Wicasa Yatapika October 31, 2011 Reply

    I’m sometimes intrigued by comments I hear on what it is we do. Simply put, I think we just live, mostly by stretching and expanding the boundaries of what is possible. There will always be those who are quite happy staying home watching their ant farms. I don’t believe we are made that way. At least speaking for myself, I know I am not…what is physically possible at any age is a dynamic and ever changing reality, there is no stasis. The only limit on what can be achieved within reasonable bounds is time. Time is infinite, but our time, individual time, is finite. How would I really love to spend my time? Question I ask myself a lot…doing rather than worrying, because the only real thing we have control over is the choices we make…and has in all aspects of life, there are many uninformed people who would rather make excuses and ridicule those who actually do live. In the meantime the dish ran away with the spoon, and the drive-up windows took over the landscape, as health, fitness, etc, has declined rapidly in this country. Ignorance rules the day, and the talking heads on the TV are the only ones espousing the truth…HAH! As an educator of mine once said…”I can teach you folks what you need to learn, but there is one thing I cannot do, I cannot fix stupid!”

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