April 13, 2016

Bail Out!

Just watching this is incredibly painful, so please don’t be like this!!

Do you know how to safely bail out of a missed lift?  Is not knowing this preventing you from pushing yourself further?  Always use correct form, and bail if you are compromised or can’t quire complete a lift.  Here are a few tips on how and when to bail on a lift, and pointers on how to bail safely.

When to bail:
- If you lose core tightness
- If you are going to sacrifice proper form
- If you lose your balance
- If you are injured / feel pain

Set-up / “Prepare to fail” (just in case):
- Look around / inspect the surrounding area to ensure there are no obstacles or safety hazards in the event you miss a lift.  Think about the following:
- Is this safe? Am I at least comfortable with this load?
- What might the bar bounce off of?
- Might the bar roll / which direction?
- Are other athletes close by / in the “strike zone”?
- In which direction am I most likely to miss (snatch could be forward or backward, clean will be forward, squats depend on type - back / front / OH)
- What direction will I move if I miss (OPPOSITE the bar!)

And of course, this applies to more than lifting heavy stuff.  Bodyweight exercises require the same awareness of self and surroundings (see video).  Be safe!

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