August 7, 2011

Sunday CFers: Hero Week Warmup

Speed on the bell (or bar) during SDHP.

Every second counts, but sometimes you just gotta do some thinkin’ time over the bar.

 Mini-Collin left its mark!
4 rds
Wtd 400m run
12 Push Press
12 Box Jumps

A perfect pre-Hero Week primer of form…Push, Pull, Jump, Run! Low reps encouraged HIGH INTENSITY…18-20 minutes of chaos! Excellent work by those in attendance. Sorry I didn’t have the good camera b/c you put on a clinic in virtuosity!

Remember, last day to sign up for HERO WEEK is AUG 8. EVERYONE is encouraged to get in on it!

If you are unsure what the WODs are, what exercises they entail, if you can do them all or need some remediation…here’s a short description of each. If you like to be surprised for Hero Week, then read no further!!!!!!!
Remember, every WOD is scalable with substitutions based on ability!

M Daniel: Pullups, Thrusters, Run
T Blake: Lunge, Box Jump, Wall Ball, Handstand Pushups
W Mr. Joshua: Deadlift, Glute Ham Sit Up, Run
R Helton: Squat Clean, Burpee, Run
F Jack: Push Press, Swing, Box Jump
S Keystone Wounded Warrior Donation AMRAP & Post Workout Social with Refreshments
Su Hero Week Finale to honor Pags (think maybe there’ll be some pullups?)

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    Eric E August 7, 2011 Reply

    Great service today Pastor Matt.

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    Wicasa Yatapika August 7, 2011 Reply

    That was a tough one, i was a mess, just a f-in “soup sandwich”…Like EE says, I think we were baptized by the Rev. MD…But I am glad for it, cuz it was a good prep for what’s to come….Hah!

  • g
    Gretch August 7, 2011 Reply

    I sure felt like I had been dipped in a lake! That first picture pretty much sums up how well I could see around round 3… Maybe it wasn’t just me?

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