January 22, 2012

Sunday CFers: Good to be back outside!

Athletic circuit to loosen us up for Benchmark “Cindy” on Mon/Tues. And, the weather was just right to get out for some runs!
Spin, Van Pham, GTOH, MBSlide, BallPike, Rev. Lunge, Floor Wiper, SpdrLunge, B&TJump, SDHP, Step Up, Box Drill
Rd1: 800m
Rd2: 600m
Rd 3: 4corners Spin, B&T, Floor Wiper, GTOH + 400m

**Monday & Tuesday “Cindy” Benchmark each class.
***Sign up for “The Sickness”
****Notice: Sat. 9:45am Introductory Class is permanently on the schedule!

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    Wicasa Yatapika January 22, 2012 Reply

    Floor Wipers and GTOH’s are fast becoming two of my most favorite exercises…800m, 600m, and 400m runs…still not sooo much…but that’s why I need to do them, love your strengths, and work on your weaknesses!

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    Marissa B. January 23, 2012 Reply

    Problem with running but I always try! My goal- keep on trying hopefully will run better every time I try! One more thing thank you to Maria for helping with proper and better form!

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