January 25, 2013

Friday Food for Thought

Ammonia in your soda?  And other fun food facts!

Do you know what scary additives may be lurking in your food?  This topic was going strong on Livestrong this week – do some research on your own and find out what you’re really putting in your body!

More about what to avoid and where you can find it

It’s necessary for some people, and maybe you won’t know if you’re one of them until you try it, but if you don’t need to go gluten free, are you really doing yourself any favors?

Any time you start paying attention to any component of your diet, you will lose body fat and probably feel better (or at least more pious) simply by being more conscientious of what goes into your pie hole.”

Come out tonight at 6:30 and try some new recipes that fellow CFers put together; you might just find something you like!  And if you are making / bringing something, maybe consider bringing along a few recipe cards to share with everyone, or post your recipe to the blog!

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    Maria N. January 25, 2013 Reply

    Ice cream, chips & soda are gluten free!!!

    Does that mean they’re good for me?

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    Captain Awesome January 25, 2013 Reply

    Of course it does! Well as long as you only eat them once a month! Of course the added chemicals, sugars and hydrogenated fats will kill you but whatever…

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      Matt January 25, 2013 Reply

      Yes PMers….you are seeing something very bad happening in 15degr weather…530A eatin’ the pain!!

      (PS. Ice cream & chips, yes. Soda, no.)

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    Gretch January 25, 2013 Reply

    I made energy bars from this site:

    There are several variations but I made the “raw lemon coconut bars” in the original recipe. Can’t wait to try them and see how they turned out!

    Yikes! 5:30 PM should be a fun time…

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    hoov January 26, 2013 Reply

    This was one day I was glad to do the am class. The pm class had to eat snow in addition to the cold. Great job guys!!!

    Some things over heard at CF:

    Most CF’ers have had to answer to the little voice in their head, it is rare when they share their responses to that voice.

    1) When I took my first CF class I thought WT#$^ was that–yes they came back for more, we are all glad they did.
    2) During the 800m indian run I had two thoughts, I was going to have the big one and I need to call in sick–Neither happened and I survived. Good thing as we need you and your energy.
    3) Waving to the Sarge–If you look through the many CF pics from over the years you will see a common sight, yes that infamous look or position after a round or at the finish of a class, who has the energy to wave to Chris if he would drive by?, who can even lift their arms to do that?

    With all that said “Old School Week” was awesome and another shout out to Chris and Matt for their efforts to make us feel bad so we can feel good. Heck a few new goals were even set right Maria?

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    Matt January 26, 2013 Reply

    Shrimp, chicken patties, bacon wrapped dates/almonds, pumpkin pb soup, salad, chicken salad, hummus, fruit, brownies, muffins, paleo pancake, protein balls, cranberry cookie, almond apricot bars…a fine friday feast!

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