January 28, 2013

Monday Did you Know?

As a kid you might have been told that eating more carrots will help us see in the dark, but did you know that eating more vegetables can help make you superhuman?  Just make sure the veggies and other foods you choose are clean!

If you’re doing the no-sugar challenge, check out these extreme diets / detoxes / cleanses to put what you are eating into perspective.  You are eating REAL FOOD, how about that?!?  And you’re probably beyond the week 2 slump and feeling good about where you are right now.  Start planning now to turn this temporary change into a lifestyle change.  Prepare your cupboards!

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    natalie January 29, 2013 Reply

    Was just about to go grocery shopping so the clean out your cupboard article helped. Do any of you know of any canned beans that are in BPA- free cans? Here’s a site that list 7 companies

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    Jan January 29, 2013 Reply

    The replacement of BPA has typically been Bisphenol-S, which may be just as toxic. Data is mounting, and corporations know science won’t catch up for a few years. So frustrating that you can’t buy anything without jumping through hoops to protect yourself and your family. And it’s unfair, too, right weight-loss-challenge people??

    Thermal cash register receipts are laden with BPA and BPS, too.

    BPS may actually be worse b/c it doesn’t biodegrade like BPA. From a Mercola article:
    “… BPS’ relative inability to biodegrade indicates: 1) once it is absorbed into the human body, it may accumulate there for longer periods of time. 2) it is more likely to persist in the environment, making external exposures to it, and its many metabolites, much more likely than the faster degrading BPA. In other words, its potential to do harm will worsen along the axis of time, not lessen, which is a common argument made for the purported “safety” of BPA.”

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    hoov January 29, 2013 Reply

    I watched a special called Plastic Planet. It is a real eye opener into our plastic world and its long lasting effects. Everywhere you go you can find plastic. If you have the right blood work done BPA will show up as well. BPA has deep roots in the plastic industry and they do not want to address the harmful effects it causes. Food and beverage packagers dont even know the contents of the containers they are using as it is a trade secret. Guess who the big players are too, good old Bayer, Dupont and Monsanto, others too. It is bad enough they have a foot hold in the food industry and now the plastics industry as well. In a short time we have polluted the world and if we stop the use of plastics today it will take at least 500 years to be rid of it.

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