A little brain food for your *extra* day:

My sphere surrounds me and no negative shall come in, but my positive energy can flow out and touch many.

Imagine a warm sphere surrounding you in your favorite color. It gently holds you to keep you uplifted, keeping all negative energy away, but allowing your positive feelings to flow out and impact those around you.



The first CrossFit Open workout has been posted!  Get ready for some OH walking lunges, burpees and chest to bar pullups!  Scaling is available and predetermined by the CrossFit powers that be.  Scores must be submitted by Monday evening at 8 PM, no exceptions.

You are responsible for submitting your own score on the CrossFit website!  Your scores will then be verified by the affiliate manager (Gretchen / Eddie).  If your score is not entered, it cannot be verified and will not be included on the site.

We’re working on a Corps Fitness score sheet, to be posted this week!  So even if you’re not entering scores on CrossFit you can still keep track internally.

Good luck!


A reminder to PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES VISIBLE IN YOUR CAR while in the parking lot.  There has been a rash of local car break-ins where windows are broken and valuables stolen.

The 2016 CrossFit Open begins tonight!  Workouts will be released at 8 PM (Eastern time) every Thursday and competitors will have 4 days to complete workouts and submit their scores.  Scores are due by 8 PM on Mondays.  We are tentatively planning the following additional open gym times where judges will be available to watch / complete the workouts.  If you’re interested in participating, you are responsible for securing your judge and submitting your own score.
Open Times (*subject to change*):
6:30-8:00 PM
Saturdays 10:30-11:30 AM
Sundays 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Mondays 6:30-7:30 PM
The following is a list of judges that will be available: Eddie, Emily, Sarah, Will, Owen, Amanda, Gretchen, Eric, Craig

If you want to do the open workouts but don’t want to “officially” sign up with XF, that is awesome as well!  We’ll set up a space on the white board to record all scores, regardless of participation in the online Open.  In this case, you don’t need an official judge, but can ask one if you want!  Never hurts to have a little more critique on your form, etc.

Next Intro to Corps Fitness class Feb 27th at 9:45
Also 2/27 - Spin class at 9:30 with Jenn
Next Intro to CrossFit March 5th at 9:45

Weekend instructors: 
Friday 5:30 PM - Gretchen
Sunday 8:30 AM - Ed
Sunday 9:30 AM Form Session with Owen


WE ARE Corps Fitness!  Not only in Bldg 7, but everywhere we go.  What better way to represent CF in your every day than with awesome new gear!!  Remember, everywhere you go (especially when wearing CF gear), you are representing our values and who we are to the outside world!  Make sure it’s positive!

Tank: $15.00, S-XL (S, M on backorder)
All T-shirts: S-XL $22, 2XL $25
Hoodie: S-XL $30, 2XL $35
Short Sleeve, all T-shirts are same price



Ain’t no rest for the weary…..if you just finished competing in All Out in Berks this past weekend, shave down your callouses, break open your package of Rock Tape, and get ready. The Open starts this week!
Many of you participated last year, so why not do it again! If you want to officially see where your scores stand amongst others, you must register (choose CrossFit Berks as your affiliate). Workouts get released on Thursday’s, and workouts and scores must be submitted by the following Monday by 5PM. Also, if you would like to help by being a judge, you need to take the judges course….
There are many Open Gym times that you are able to utilize to get a group and judges to come in to do the workout. However, Owen Philips has taken the Judges course and will be available EVERY SUNDAY at 9:30AM for anybody who would like to use that time to come in to do the workout.
Please respond in the comments below if you too have taken the Judges course so others know who they can reach out to, and please indicate days/timeframes you would be available to come and judge.
Good luck to all who participate!


We couldn’t do it without you. Really? Really!
Corps Fitness. Some people fear it, but most, when they try us, love it. Our trainers and staff work hard to put together taxing, creative and motivating workouts day in, day out. And at the root of it, we are a fitness facility, so it’s what we should be doing.
And then there’s the OTHER things that Corps Fitness does. The Marine Poolee trainings, the Intro classes for interested new folks, the kids summer time classes and the special events. All extensions of our regularly scheduled classes, and equally as important.
That is where we thank YOU. You are always there to lend a hand, to stay after a class to demonstrate and help out with new folks at the Intro classes. You come in to help manage the chaos that is the Marine Poolee trainings. And you graciously lend your time to help events like All Out In Berks run smoothly. We thank you. Thanks for stepping up, thanks for giving your time, thanks for being an example…In some ways, it’s like the traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Hopefully in your Corps Fitness volunteer efforts , you are reaping a reward too, by knowing that you are doing a part to help keep the integrity of our community alive and well and ready to be carried on, because….We Are Corps Fitness.


It’s been said before via the blog or our Facebook page, but it always bears repeating every once and a while. Usually we say “No excuses….Get Up and Move”.
But then there’s this quote from Max Lucado: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”.
Case in point…look at the pictures below….Can’t do a ring muscle up yet? Work on it in progressions; first work on getting a true chest to bar pull-up. Work on the hook grip on the rings. Do the part of it or the progression steps you CAN do to get there.
Can’t touch the star on your vertical leap….well, there might be some limits to that one depending on your height smile emoticon, but work on building the power in your legs. Step out of your comfort zone and try the higher box. Do what you CAN do to achieve higher goals.
Can’t do a superman crunch because you have a baby bump standing in your way? Change it around to do a Van Pham or deadbug to make it work.
Can’t get out and run because of a nagging leg injury? Hop on the spin bike, the Krank cycle or the row erg to accommodate that injury.
There’s always Something you can do….always.




Hopefully you are all rested and recovered from AOIB! A big shout out to our winners:

Male: 1st Place - 99 Problems But a Snatch Ain’t One / Will Diaz and Brian Flannery
2nd Place - The Early Birds / Ken Rice and Adam Owens
3rd Place - Hybrid IX / Daniel Bosch and Irvin Villasenor
*Note: There was a tie for 3rd between Hybrid IX and Team Rock (Matt Jackson and Ed Lugo), but in a 1 minute Burpee showdown, Hybrid IX pulled away for the 3rd place spot!

Female: 1st Place - Swole Patrol / Lindsey Haggerty and Amanda Aucker
2nd Place - Buns -N-Guns / Jeanne Douglass and Emily McDonough
3rd Place - We Owen It! / Karen Owens and Melissa Hazlett

Co-Ed: 1st Place - Frick’n Swolemates / Mallory and Cody Frick
2nd Place - Not Fast, Just Furious / Lee Rogers and Jeremiah Velez
3rd Place - Y-Fit XT / Bri Lackman and Josh Bushkie

Congrats to you all!

Shout out to all our competitors, judges, and volunteers as a whole for making it a great day. And, we close this year’s Competition out with a note from one of our competitors, Austin Viano:

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great event on Saturday. Both Erin and I had a blast competing. I was extremely impressed by the judges throughout the competition. They were beyond supportive and helpful through every phase. It’s great for us to see, and struggle through, a different kind of workout, rather than solely running. Thank you for having us and allowing us to get some exposure during the competition.”

3rd place men’s burpee tie-breaker!
Female podium
Co-ed podium

And finally: Thank you to all of our sponsors, coordinators, judges, volunteers, competitors and spectators for coming together for a hugely successful event today! We couldn’t have done it without all of you!! Whether you placed or not, be proud of what you worked so hard for and accomplished. Congratulations to all!
- Corps Fitness