February 23, 2016

CrossFit Open…..It’s Coming!

Ain’t no rest for the weary…..if you just finished competing in All Out in Berks this past weekend, shave down your callouses, break open your package of Rock Tape, and get ready. The Open starts this week!
Many of you participated last year, so why not do it again! If you want to officially see where your scores stand amongst others, you must register (choose CrossFit Berks as your affiliate). Workouts get released on Thursday’s, and workouts and scores must be submitted by the following Monday by 5PM. Also, if you would like to help by being a judge, you need to take the judges course….
There are many Open Gym times that you are able to utilize to get a group and judges to come in to do the workout. However, Owen Philips has taken the Judges course and will be available EVERY SUNDAY at 9:30AM for anybody who would like to use that time to come in to do the workout.
Please respond in the comments below if you too have taken the Judges course so others know who they can reach out to, and please indicate days/timeframes you would be available to come and judge.
Good luck to all who participate!




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