February 22, 2016


We couldn’t do it without you. Really? Really!
Corps Fitness. Some people fear it, but most, when they try us, love it. Our trainers and staff work hard to put together taxing, creative and motivating workouts day in, day out. And at the root of it, we are a fitness facility, so it’s what we should be doing.
And then there’s the OTHER things that Corps Fitness does. The Marine Poolee trainings, the Intro classes for interested new folks, the kids summer time classes and the special events. All extensions of our regularly scheduled classes, and equally as important.
That is where we thank YOU. You are always there to lend a hand, to stay after a class to demonstrate and help out with new folks at the Intro classes. You come in to help manage the chaos that is the Marine Poolee trainings. And you graciously lend your time to help events like All Out In Berks run smoothly. We thank you. Thanks for stepping up, thanks for giving your time, thanks for being an example…In some ways, it’s like the traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Hopefully in your Corps Fitness volunteer efforts , you are reaping a reward too, by knowing that you are doing a part to help keep the integrity of our community alive and well and ready to be carried on, because….We Are Corps Fitness.

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