February 24, 2016

Wednesday Form… Representing!

WE ARE Corps Fitness!  Not only in Bldg 7, but everywhere we go.  What better way to represent CF in your every day than with awesome new gear!!  Remember, everywhere you go (especially when wearing CF gear), you are representing our values and who we are to the outside world!  Make sure it’s positive!

2016-02-24 15.04.46
Tank: $15.00, S-XL (S, M on backorder)
2016-02-24 15.04.13
All T-shirts: S-XL $22, 2XL $25
2016-02-24 15.05.51
Hoodie: S-XL $30, 2XL $35
2016-02-24 15.05.12
Womens T_1 Short Sleeve, all T-shirts are same price




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