February 21, 2016

What CAN you do?

It’s been said before via the blog or our Facebook page, but it always bears repeating every once and a while. Usually we say “No excuses….Get Up and Move”.
But then there’s this quote from Max Lucado: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”.
Case in point…look at the pictures below….Can’t do a ring muscle up yet? Work on it in progressions; first work on getting a true chest to bar pull-up. Work on the hook grip on the rings. Do the part of it or the progression steps you CAN do to get there.
Can’t touch the star on your vertical leap….well, there might be some limits to that one depending on your height smile emoticon, but work on building the power in your legs. Step out of your comfort zone and try the higher box. Do what you CAN do to achieve higher goals.
Can’t do a superman crunch because you have a baby bump standing in your way? Change it around to do a Van Pham or deadbug to make it work.
Can’t get out and run because of a nagging leg injury? Hop on the spin bike, the Krank cycle or the row erg to accommodate that injury.
There’s always Something you can do….always.




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