August 26, 2012

Addicted to Self-Inflicted

12 exercises. You pick 10. You place them. Sometimes it turns out so wrong…but that seemed to be ok.
End: Team AMRAP
a) 3 Getup, 5 T2B, 7 Pushup
b) 3 Clean, 5 Bicycle Cr, 7 Dip
Winners: 200m/10 Rocket Jumps; Non-winners: BC/CW

*Bravo to the set up positions on those Cleans.

  • Matt August 26, 2012 Reply

    IMO Why is a Corps Fitness class different, special, and important?
    How is it better than anything happening at a globo-gym, new-fangled-fitness-o-rama or basement DVD session?
    It’s not the exercises… all these crazy functional fitness moves can be done anywhere…push, pull, squat, jump, run…it’s all the same.

    So then what is the difference at a Corps Fitness class?
    1) Urgency: CK has drilled into everyone from the beginning, “No walking,” “get there and go.” Notice that seasoned CFers have 1 speed… “haul ass.” And this Urgency is important b/c it reminds us that things matter. We can break out of our daily, oblivious sleepwalk and enter a world where it matters to be in the right place at the right time. And this leads to point #2.
    2) Accountability: At a Corps Fitness class, it is sink-or-swim-together. So from warm-up to cool-down, it’s “pack before self.” This means, concurrently, there is support and encouragement of everyone, and a trust that everyone is paying attention, thinking, anticipating, and ready to pull their own weight. And we’re all prepared to accept the consequence if an individual screws up (because WE are the class). Corps Fitness classes require problem solving, memory, thinking, creativity and cooperation. It’s what Corps Fitness is. And it’s what CFers do. During a Corps Fitness class, we work together, work around each other, get things right, make sure it runs smoothly. There’s a sense of ownership in that.
    Urgency and Accountability, so that’s the difference? Partly. Then think about the kind of person who thrives on the frenetic pace and relishes the weight of responsibility. Consider the quality of their character. CFers at Corps Fitness classes become very close. Because we share this critical bond…the willingness to accept responsibility at a killer pace. And that’s hard…it’s not for everyone…but it clearly and certainly shows CFers as trustworthy, genuine, risk-takers. And that’s the difference…the people…the best around.

  • Wicasa Yatapika August 27, 2012 Reply

    I read MD’s words several times and have reflected on them at length because CF has been a big part of my life for a fairly long time now. I still remember the days before Bldg. #7 and how and when I came to grasp the concepts presented. It brought to mind all of the people I have seen come and go over the years and the words struck a chord with me in light of that fact. I think that it indeed it takes a special kind of willpower or drive to stay the course here. It is not for everyone and that fact sets it apart from so many other places one could go to exercise. I think too that with that comes a responsibility that we all share to preserve and protect what has been built by so much blood, sweat and tears. I’ve never felt ownership in any of the gyms I was a member of in the past. But here, it is different. It’s not just ownership in the beliefs, practices, and sacrifices, but more importantly in the people who come and stay the course. Like anything in life the faithfull shall stay and the restless shall go if it’s not for them. As it has grown I have often worried that it would change from the grassroots vision it was grown from, and to be honest I still do. It has changed but for the most part it still retains its power to make me miss it and the people when I am away from it for too long! That speaks volumes to me. As we move forward I think too that we all have a responsibility to ensure, nurture and protect what has been built. Gracefully accept the newcomers, rigorously instill the values, willfully commit to being and example of the possible, and believe in something greater than the self. By doing that I believe we can all be a part of preserving that which we have come to love so much.

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