December 29, 2011

Kotecki AMRAP

Modify CF “Rankel” Hero WOD for Patrolman Kotecki. Excellent tribute to that brave law enforcement officer who was tragically killed.
10 Burpees
12 Lsitups
11 OH Swing (24-28kg/16-20kg)

Hero Week aficionados know Thursday(Helton, McGhee, The Barbarian)…this one did not disappoint…just a full-on test of physical and mental fitness. That is no joke to get yourself back in it…no rounds to transition, no¬† runs to rest on, no equipment to fiddle with…just 20 minutes with HR up your throat; you all did a marvelous job in that…keepin’ yourself in it! Kotecki was described as a competent professional, a policeman’s policeman…your efforts today honored that spirit!


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