How to climb a rope like a Marine - for your reading pleasure.  Discussion of the foot brake, hand position, body position.  Once you master the mental and physical aspects, you’ll have the confidence to attempt more challenging climbing techniques!

Most people think about the feet during rope climbs, but I recommend working on grip strength.  Heavy quick step / farmer carries, prolonged bar hangs / spans, heavy lifts - anything that will challenge your grip and make you stronger.  Strong grip also affords you the time to re-position your feet if you’re using the foot brake.  Grip strength is a super important aspect of getting yourself up that rope!

image credit: breaking muscle

Everyone at some point in their active career is going to face recovery from an injury.  Whether acute, chronic, sudden, or built up over time, it’s going to happen!  Here are a few ideas for preventing and treating injuries:

Use a foam roller in conjunction with other massage / stretching aids to stay loose and nimble.
“The deep compression of self-myofascial release allows normal blood flow to return and the restoration of healthy tissue. The body naturally wants to be healthy and strong, but sometimes an extra boost is needed to achieve optimal muscle and tissue health.”
-Jeff Kuhland, Breaking Muscle

Listen to your body and rest when your body is telling you to!  Overuse is a common method of injury, especially when athletes do not take the proper time and measures to let their bodies recover.

Balance your fitness routine.  Mix in a little of everything: Corps Fitness, CrossFit, Yoga, Swimming?  Keep your body guessing and get good at everything!

Tweak and re-tweak your form, make sure you’re not getting lazy!  Just because you’ve done xx before doesn’t mean you’re perfect at it.  Today is a different day.  Pay attention - there’s always room for improvement!


A few updates while you’re enjoying your margaritas today!

THIS SUNDAY May 8th is Mother’s Day - All moms workout for FREE this week!

For those of you who don’t know, the Owens family is moving to Florida very shortly :(.  Please join us after the 9:15 AM CrossFit class THIS SATURDAY May 7th to send them off CF-style!

We’re rolling out a new pricing schedule for our teacher members!  Check out the top of CF’s fees page for more information!  With summer fast approaching, what better way to stay in shape for keeping up with those kids than to participate in CF?  Try out a new class time, meet new CFers, stay in shape… what more could you ask for??

See yesterday’s post for summer kids class information!

MURPH - Reminder!
Did all those pullups this week remind  you of something?  MURPH is coming!  A HUGE thank you to Rob and Kim R for sponsoring the Murph Challenge at Corps Fitness again this year!  Check out the previous blog post for details on how to sign up online (if you want to) and when / how we’re running it at CF.  You don’t have to sign up on the Murph website to participate in the workout - just show up for class on the 28th (ONE CLASS THAT DAY, 8:30 AM).  This is a mega workout, so please make sure you are physically (and mentally) prepared.  Scale if you need to.  Listen to your body.  Don’t get rhabdo!

- CFers, join us for a CFer social hike up to the Pinnacle in Hamburg next Sunday May 15th.  Meet at CF ready to leave at 8:30 AM, or meet in the reservoir parking lot by 9 AM.  Rain date TBD if necessary.  Out and back hike, approximately 7 miles, slow pace, plan for it to take most of the day / returning early to mid afternoon.
- The Kaag Challenge is extended indefinitely, so be sure to get in touch with Chris or Melissa for a time slot!  If you have already completed the Kaag Challenge, remember to stop by the front desk for an IM ABLE t-shirt.
- A reminder to check out the CF Loyalty Program and Incentives we announced April 1st. You can also earn points via membership and merchandise purchases!  Check out the link for full details, and start earning today!  For newbies looking to take advantage of the incentives, remember you must attend an intro class first.  After that, you’re be eligible for 2 weeks of free membership and then an additional month at $70.

- REMINDER: Saturday class times are now 8 AM (Corps Fitness) and 9:15 AM (CrossFit).  Two different class types on a Saturday!

– Tuesdays 10:30 AM with Aimee
– Thursdays 6:30 PM with Mike
Wednesday and Saturday SPIN classes are on hiatus for summer.

Next Intro to Corps Fitness class will be Saturday 5/14 at 9:45 AM with Chris.  Come on by and the take advantage and participate in our incentive program!

Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen
Sunday 8:30 AM – Brian
Sunday 9:30 AM – Skills is no longer on the schedule.


Growing Up Corps Fitness….

Lots of great examples of teens coming in to get a workout on with Moms and Pops. A win/win for everybody; great workout preparing teens for sports conditioning, all with the philosophies that are the foundation of Corps: Respect, Accountability, Teamwork. Plus, a little “bonding” time with your teen!

13-16 year olds are welcome to join in the CF family fun with an adult. And, if your child is not of an age yet to join the regular classes, stay tuned for announcements regarding summer kid’s classes and more overall kid’s programming!

CF is one of the few places parents and their kids can work out together!  What a unique experience, instilling and reinforcing shared values and goals across generations!

Additional Shout-Outs:
The Kuhns!  Rachel and Mike Kuhn and their kids (Brady is no longer “four and ‘firsty!”)
The Leibowitz family! Lauren, Jen and Scott
The Schippers family!  Noah has been spotted working out with dad Eric, particularly during T1D Day of Hero Week!


It’s been said before via the blog or our Facebook page, but it always bears repeating every once and a while. Usually we say “No excuses….Get Up and Move”.
But then there’s this quote from Max Lucado: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”.
Case in point…look at the pictures below….Can’t do a ring muscle up yet? Work on it in progressions; first work on getting a true chest to bar pull-up. Work on the hook grip on the rings. Do the part of it or the progression steps you CAN do to get there.
Can’t touch the star on your vertical leap….well, there might be some limits to that one depending on your height smile emoticon, but work on building the power in your legs. Step out of your comfort zone and try the higher box. Do what you CAN do to achieve higher goals.
Can’t do a superman crunch because you have a baby bump standing in your way? Change it around to do a Van Pham or deadbug to make it work.
Can’t get out and run because of a nagging leg injury? Hop on the spin bike, the Krank cycle or the row erg to accommodate that injury.
There’s always Something you can do….always.




If you want a good workout, then you want the most bang for your buck….right??? You’re in luck at Corps Fitness. We’ve got 2 words for you: URGENCY and PURPOSE. Nothing we do is slow. Nothing we do is just “going through the motions”. Get to the next exercise, get started, no walking….The. Most. Bang. For. Your. Buck! The pictures show it all….Urgency and Purpose in the first couple, result in the “that was crazy-tough, but oooh I loved it so much” feeling at the end….


During an obstacle course race this weekend, I had the opportunity to pass by several other teams participating and see how they interacted during a challenging / combined suffering situation.  I overheard a lot of “come on, we’re waiting for you” and “we’re all over here, come on” and couldn’t help but think to myself that Corps Fitness is so much different!!  I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever heard someone say “we’re waiting for you” (i.e. “it’s about me, you’re on your own…”), but can remember countless times every day when other CFers run to the person struggling and motivate them to get it done with “come on, let’s do this” or “come on, you’ve got this” or “just a little further, dig it out...” (i.e. “we’re in this together, let’s get it done!”).  So thank you, Corps Fitness, for providing us with a different mentality, and for setting us apart from the crowds!