October 26, 2015

CF - Deep Thoughts

During an obstacle course race this weekend, I had the opportunity to pass by several other teams participating and see how they interacted during a challenging / combined suffering situation.  I overheard a lot of “come on, we’re waiting for you” and “we’re all over here, come on” and couldn’t help but think to myself that Corps Fitness is so much different!!  I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever heard someone say “we’re waiting for you” (i.e. “it’s about me, you’re on your own…”), but can remember countless times every day when other CFers run to the person struggling and motivate them to get it done with “come on, let’s do this” or “come on, you’ve got this” or “just a little further, dig it out...” (i.e. “we’re in this together, let’s get it done!”).  So thank you, Corps Fitness, for providing us with a different mentality, and for setting us apart from the crowds!