April 6, 2016

It’s a Family Affair!

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Growing Up Corps Fitness….

Lots of great examples of teens coming in to get a workout on with Moms and Pops. A win/win for everybody; great workout preparing teens for sports conditioning, all with the philosophies that are the foundation of Corps: Respect, Accountability, Teamwork. Plus, a little “bonding” time with your teen!

13-16 year olds are welcome to join in the CF family fun with an adult. And, if your child is not of an age yet to join the regular classes, stay tuned for announcements regarding summer kid’s classes and more overall kid’s programming!

CF is one of the few places parents and their kids can work out together!  What a unique experience, instilling and reinforcing shared values and goals across generations!

Additional Shout-Outs:
The Kuhns!  Rachel and Mike Kuhn and their kids (Brady is no longer “four and ‘firsty!”)
The Leibowitz family! Lauren, Jen and Scott
The Schippers family!  Noah has been spotted working out with dad Eric, particularly during T1D Day of Hero Week!


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