August 3, 2017

Let The Games Begin


Yesterday we saw a “cyclocross” time trial set up the starting lineup for the 2017 CrossFit Games.  Today the Games begin!!  Can’t wait to see what the athletes and event designers have in store!!

Any thoughts out there on CrossFit including obstacle course and mountain biking in the games / programming?  Are you staging your revolt or do you think it’s good for the sport?  Which sport?  Why?  Is this CrossFit’s way of “sticking it” to those who say CrossFit-ers can’t do other things like OCR and mtn bike?

My personal opinion (open to persuasion): CrossFit makes you better at those other sports, and it’s a good idea to do things other than / outside of CrossFit.  CrossFit does not consist of or include mountain biking and OC racing, etc.  Just my humble opinion.  Persuade me.

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