It’s just about that time again - first Saturday of the month Benchmark WOD!

This month we will be doing a newer benchmark - Napalm - from Ben Bergeron, owner of both CrossFit New England and Comptrain online CrossFit programming, as well as CrossFit coach for many of the top Games athletes.

When he launched this new benchmark he offered a free t-shirt to anyone who could finish it under 11:00 minutes. Let’s just say not many got shirts and for reference Katrin Davidsdottir finished it in 9:35. Those of us who have done this before know what a grind it is.

2 Rounds for Time
10 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Deadlifts
40 Wall Balls

Come on out to 9:15 CrossFit this Saturday 11/3 to see how you measure up!


ATTENTION CFCFB!! We just completed a deload week with our CrossFit CompTrain programming. Here is the next 8 week cycle:

Announcing our newest cycle - “Grindstone”. Day 1 is upon us.
Click “Workout Prep Notes” at the bottom of this section to view the sample template of the program.

October 29 – December 21 (8 Weeks)

A Grindstone isn’t a sexy piece of equipment. It’s a thick stone that is used to shape… weaponry. In order to create the tip of the spear, the razor-edged bladed of a sword, we must first create this grindstone.

Much like the grindstone, the work here won’t be sexy. And it definitely won’t be easy. But that’s what we want – we never liked easy. We choose the hard path, for we know what destination it brings us to.

Our focus in “Grindstone” – Stamina.

In the recent months, we focused on building our foundational base through heavier percentage lifting, on both Olympic lifts and our squats. We’re going to shift gears some now. Towards repetition capacity, known as, stamina.
It’s one thing to have a strong 1RM in CrossFit. It’s another to be able to use it. In other words, a 1RM Clean and Jerk doesn’t necessarily translate to the ability to cycle 50 Clean and Jerks for time.

With our foundational base built from our previous cycle, our aim in “Grindstone” is to turn that strength into useable capacity in all facets of our sport – from the 1RM attempt, to barbell cycling, to approaching rounds of 21 thrusters at a moderate load. Inside this cycle, we’ll see an emphasis on barbell cycling. Barbell cycling, in the squatting sense, Olympic sense, and simple slow-lift sense. But as we know, and love… simple isn’t easy. Yet simple, is rewarding. -

Monday -
Snatch Technique
Snatch Complex
Stamina Squatting – Mid-Range Repetition

- Tuesday -
Strict Gymnastics

- Wednesday -
Barbell Cycling
Body Armor

- Friday -
Clean and Jerk Technique
Clean and Jerk Complex
Stamina Squatting – Heavy-Range Repetition

- Saturday -*
Body Armor

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We are looking for people ready to unleash their awesome! Even if you don’t think you have any awesome, we’ll help you find it! We have many members who don’t believe in themselves but we do. I’ve been told by members, I can’t do that. And yet their name is on this board. We make it a point to believe in you before you believe in you. Come check us out! #freeintro #freemeansfree #twoweeksfree #hardworkpaysoff #wetalkinboutpractice #chasingexcellence #bettereveryday #corpsfit #crossfit #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks


For those CFCFB’ers who were asking about the warning label on the new Paleoethics Clean Protein, here is the company’s response from their FAQ page:

“Why is there a Warning Label?

In 1986 California voters approved Prop 65 legislation that required the state government to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. Furthermore the law required product manufacturers and business owners to put warnings on their products if it contained one of these chemicals - even if it is present in a quantity so small that it poses absolutely no risk to anyone that uses the product.

Paleoethics does not add any known chemicals to our products. The soil in which our vegetables and herbs are grown have naturally occurring metals such as “iron”. The plants absorb these nutrients in the growing process thus when tested may contain “iron” etc.. Paleoethics fully tests its products for harmful heavy metals and fully meets the FDA and Health Canada guidelines. The warning statement on our products is there only for the state of California and to protect ourselves from the chance of litigation.”

We just wanted to make sure our members know that we care about your concerns and we’ll find the answer to your questions as best we can!
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