October 25, 2018

For those CFCFB’ers who were asking about the warning label on the new Pale…

For those CFCFB’ers who were asking about the warning label on the new Paleoethics Clean Protein, here is the company’s response from their FAQ page:

“Why is there a Warning Label?

In 1986 California voters approved Prop 65 legislation that required the state government to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. Furthermore the law required product manufacturers and business owners to put warnings on their products if it contained one of these chemicals – even if it is present in a quantity so small that it poses absolutely no risk to anyone that uses the product.

Paleoethics does not add any known chemicals to our products. The soil in which our vegetables and herbs are grown have naturally occurring metals such as “iron”. The plants absorb these nutrients in the growing process thus when tested may contain “iron” etc.. Paleoethics fully tests its products for harmful heavy metals and fully meets the FDA and Health Canada guidelines. The warning statement on our products is there only for the state of California and to protect ourselves from the chance of litigation.”

We just wanted to make sure our members know that we care about your concerns and we’ll find the answer to your questions as best we can!
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